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e-Book Left Behind epub download

e-Book Left Behind epub download

Author: Patti Lalonde,Peter Lalonde
ISBN: 1565073649
Pages: 182 pages
Publisher: Cloud Ten Pictures Inc (July 1, 1995)
Language: English
Category: Bible Study & Reference
Size ePUB: 1502 kb
Size Fb2: 1552 kb
Size DJVU: 1957 kb
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 182
Format: lit lrf txt mobi
Subcategory: Bibles

e-Book Left Behind epub download

by Patti Lalonde,Peter Lalonde

Peter Lalonde (Author), Patti Lalonde (Author). The Lalonde's have done a great job explaining God's future end-time plan. As shown in their book, in Revelation, chapter's 6 through 18, the church is not there!

Peter Lalonde (Author), Patti Lalonde (Author). As shown in their book, in Revelation, chapter's 6 through 18, the church is not there! The church is missing from chapters 6-18!

Lalonde, Peter; Lalonde, Patti, 1959 .

Lalonde, Peter; Lalonde, Patti, 1959-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

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The success of the Left Behind books has led to the release of four motion pictures based on the series so far. All four have been produced by brothers Paul & Peter LaLonde, and have been released through Cloud Ten Pictures, an independent Canadian-based Christian film studio. The first, Left Behind: The Movie, was based on the first book of the series and was released in 2000. In a very unusual marketing scheme, the studio released the film on home video, and then theatrically. It fared poorly in theaters. The film starred former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron as Buck Williams.

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Follow your guides Peter, Paul and Patti LaLonde into the future, as they unearth the dark secrets of our technological age and reveal the true meaning behind it's incredible developments. How the world is being programmed to expect a supernatural contact,. but not with God. How virtual reality and holograms are setting the stage for the image of the beast.

Screenplay By. Peter Lalonde/ Paul Lalonde (maybe). Produced By. Paul Lalonde and Michael Walker.

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Peter Lalonde should not be confused with Peter LaLonde the evangelical film maker or Pierre Lalonde the game .

Peter Lalonde should not be confused with Peter LaLonde the evangelical film maker or Pierre Lalonde the game show host, singer, songwriter and Canadian television personality. There are several 'Peter Lalonde's' and one of them is one of the founders of Cloud Ten Pictures and was at one time co-host of the 1980s Biblical series "This Week In Bible Prophecy" along with his brother Paul LaLonde.

Peter, coauthor of The Mark of the Beast (over 100,000 sold) and Patti present a fascinating journey through the time between the rapture and Christ's return. Packed with information, this guide is perfect for witnessing or personal study.
I do not agree with the two before me. I am a christian but I don't like books just because they are written by other christians. I am 14 and in fact most books this size and subject I quickly lose interest to. This book does have a good plot and the global dissapearences (The Rapture) is made very interesting. It does not say that bankers rule the world. It is only sugesting that their is an elite group of multi millionares who have a little bit more power in government than they should. If you continue to read the series I can garentee it gets very interesting. You must realize that the first book falls in the very begining of the end times, and most befor the 7 year tribulation actually starts. Not to mention that the first 18 months of the Tribulation are peace anyway. Then you also have to consider the passages at all angles to see what follows, war, famine, death, martyrdom, the Wrath of the Lamb earhtquake, fire/hail/blood, burning mountain, wormwood, 1/3 of the sun struck, locusts, 200 million horsemen, the assassination of the antichrist, the assassination of the one world faith leader, the assassination of the two witnesses, the devil indwelling the antichrist. I can also assure you that people are put into better positions and evetually become international fugitives.
This book was very interesting and kept me informed the whole time. You don't have to know a lot about religion to read this book. It tells about when they think the "end of the world" is coming and what will happen when it comes around. They told about the "mark of the beast." You will need to read up on this. You can take the mark to either but or sell products, but you will then be looked poorly upon by God. Then if you don't take the mark, you will be take by Jesus when he makes his second come back to our world. When he does come back, there will be a 1000 day period of peace and it will go back to the way God had intended it to be. That is the way it was before Eve ate the forbiden fruit. They also said that you can be protected from Armageddon by becoming saved. You can do that by reading a prayer with all of your hear and mean it. That prayer is:
"Dear Father in heaven, I realize that I am a sinner and worthy of the fires of hell. At this moment I confess my sins and ask You to forgive me for my rebellion against You and my refusal to accept the love of Christ. I accept the sacrafice that Your Son Jesus made for me on Calvary's cross. I believe that You raised him from the dead. I confess with my mouth that Jesus is my Lord. Thank You for hearing this prayer and accepting me into the family of God because of the blood of Christ that covers my sins. And I know that from this moment on I am saved. Thank You, Lord." (pg. 129 & 137)
I've never read a book like this before and I am now tempted to read a sequal to either this book or to another like it. This book would basically be for everyone over the age of at least 12, and to those who are interested about the rapture and who will stay and who won't, or if they don't where will they go or what will happen to them? If you are interested in any of these areas or what will really happen, I would recommend this wonderful book.
The Lalonde's have done a great job explaining God's future end-time plan. As shown in their book, in Revelation, chapter's 6 through 18, the church is not there! The church is missing from chapters 6-18! They show that God's wrath will be poured out over the Earth, the church already having been caught up or raptured to Heaven. The church will not be present for the great Tribulation! In their book, they show that in Rev. chap. 4, John is caught up to Heaven. This is symbolic as John is raptured with the rest of the church. The next time in the book of Revelation that you see the church is in chapter 19! The Lord visibly appears in His second coming with His army (the church). If you want to know God's future plan, get this book! The Lalonde's share God's message of salvation, so that people don't have to get left behind! They show how people can be born-again, how they can receive God's free gift, and make Jesus Christ their Saviour and Lord! Get this book and make Jesus Lord of your life today!
After reading the book, you don't just put it down. This story stays with you. I can't say enough about it. I tell everyone its a must read for all ages! It can change your life! One of the best gifts you could give this Christmas. JUST WONDERFUL! Thank you!