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e-Book Lessons from the Road epub download

e-Book Lessons from the Road epub download

Author: Third Day,Nigel James
ISBN: 0830856935
Pages: 192 pages
Publisher: IVP Books (May 17, 2008)
Language: English
Category: Christian Living
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Rating: 4.1
Votes: 382
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Subcategory: Bibles

e-Book Lessons from the Road epub download

by Third Day,Nigel James

Nigel James, road pastor for Third Day, gives insight into the touringĀ .

Nigel James, road pastor for Third Day, gives insight into the touring life of one of the top Christian rock bandsthe excitement, the homesickness, the relentless schedule, the challenge to stay committed to God's purpose while on the road.

Lessons from the Road book. James' narrative is broken up by excerpts from blog postings of Third Day For the past eight years, Nigel James, a native of Cardiff, Wales, has been the road pastor for the Christian band Third Day. In the book Lessons From the Road, he provides insights into the band, its members, and answers a large number of questions about Third Day in the process. Mingled in with the behind-the-scenes information are various devotions and studies that James has done with the band over the years.

Lessons from the Road. Nigel James has traveled extensively as Third Day's road pastor since 2000. by Nigel James With Third Day. Arts/Creativity. Worship, Liturgy & Sacraments. Lessons from the Road. He is the founding director of a youth discipleship ministry called Ignite based in the UK and is on the associate staff of City Temple Elim Pentecostal Church in Cardiff, Wales. Nigel, his wife, Gill, and the Ignite organization support Christian work in south India developing a school and funding church buildings. Recommendations For You.

Personal Name: James, Nigel. Corporate Name: Third Day (Christian rock group : 1991

Personal Name: James, Nigel. Publication, Distribution, et. Colorado Springs, CO. Authentic Pu. (c)2008. Corporate Name: Third Day (Christian rock group : 1991- ). Rubrics: Rock musicians United States Biography Christian rock music Christian life. Download now Lessons from the road Nigel James with Third Da. Download PDF book format. Download DOC book format.

Free 5-8 business-day shipping within the . I read this book mostly because it was recommended and I liked the thoughts I'd been hearing from Jaimie on twitter (chbaugh)

Free 5-8 business-day shipping within the . Prices may vary for AK and H. Learn more about free shipping. I read this book mostly because it was recommended and I liked the thoughts I'd been hearing from Jaimie on twitter (chbaugh). I found it to be interesting to read and have lots of nuggets of insight. However, the reason I recommend it, is that it has the, hard to say this accurately, "being-ness" of being lean. ISBN 9780830856930 (978-0-8308-5693-0) Softcover, IVP Books, 2008. Find signed collectible books: 'Lessons from the Road'. Lessons from the Road: ISBN 9781598595079 (978-1-59859-507-9) Oasis Audio, 2008. Coauthors & Alternates.

Lessons from the Road is a behind-the-scenes look at life as a touring Christian rock band. Written by Pastor Nigel James with major contributions from Tai Anderson, Brad Avery, David Carr, Mark Lee and Mac Powell. It features: Conversations and life-changing lessons that took place on tourOn the road memories and flashbacks from the bandThe passion behind selected songsDevotionals that Nigel and Third Day shared on the road
A quick enjoyable read. Some good insights into the life of a touring christian rock band, with lots of input from the band and some explanations of songs. Worth checking out for Third Day Fans!
I really enjoyed this book. It had special insights to some of Third Day's songs. Also liked the "lessons" from Nigel James. Anyone who loves Third Day will enjoy this book!
I still remember buying my first Third Day album. It was their self-titled debut album and I purchased a cassette copy of the original 9-song album released by Gray Dot Records. It was a bit rougher and, in my mind, a little bit better than the subsequent major-label release a year later. I loved the combination of Mac Powell's voice with the southern rock and occasional bluesy melodies. I remained quite a fan of Third Day until Time or so. While I have since grown a little bit ambivalent about their music, I continue to respect them as a band and as individuals; I admire the fact that they have strayed true to their Christian roots despite finding a great deal of fame and popularity. They seem committed to serving God in the unique way He has gifted them.

As Third Day has traveled the world over the past fifteen years, they have often been accompanied by "road pastors" (probably not a church office you'll find in the New Testament). One of these men, Nigel James, has just released Lessons from the Road, a book that gives insight into the band--"the excitement, the homesickness, the relentless schedule, the challenge to stay committed to God's purpose while on the road." Featuring contributions from the band members, the book gives an interesting inside look into the lives of the men of Third Day. James shares some of the devotionals he has taught to the band and reflects on his times spent with these men. The band members write about some of their songs, about their lives, and about their priorities. Overall, the book offers a very positive and intimate look at Third Day.

One thing that concerned me just a little bit as I read the book was an subtle, underlying assumption that pastoring a rock band is somehow a higher calling than pastoring a church. I doubt that either the band or the book's author believe this, but James seems to regularly face people who consider him a kind of celebrity because of his role in the lives of the men of Third Day. I hope he would be the first to say that his primary calling in life and the one that excites him most is pastoring a local church. And I hope Christians understand the critical importance of the local church relative to rock bands and rock stars. I delighted to read how the band members are members of local churches and how they have renewed their commitment to these local bodies despite travel schedules that make such commitment difficult at times.

I suspect the reader's enjoyment of this book will rise and fall in proportion to his enthusiasm for the band. Those who are fans of Third Day will no doubt consider this a must-read. Those who have little love for the band will find little to love in Lessons from the Road. And I guess I stand as proof that those who are somewhere between can still read it with enjoyment. I continue to enjoy Third Day's music and ministry and, having read this book, understand why God has blessed them so they can do what they do. They are committed to His purposes and I pray for their continued success.
"Lessons From the Road" by Nigel James with Third Day provides a candid look at the musicians' life on tour. James is the pastor who tours with the band. His writing is witty and wise with a deep love for Jesus. Much of this book reads like Nigel James' diary of his travels with the band. Peppered with memories, comments and insights from the band members, this book is an eclectic mix of perspectives. There are explanations of the motivations for the band's songs, transparent and insightful stories and wonderful snippets of the history of Third Day.

I was blown away from page one - the foreword where James describes a bit of the band's tour in Iraq. The author immediately sets the stage that we are all soldiers for Christ. I loved the devotions that were included in the book on success, prayer, friendship, worship, faith, the Holy Spirit, discipleship, God the Creator and bearing fruit in our lives. This is a wonderful book that will not only get you singing along with the song excerpts sprinkled throughout, but take you to a new level of worship.
Nigel James has an enviable position in life. And he also bears a large responsibility. He shares his thoughts surrounding his duties and his in-your-dreams job in Lessons from the Road. Third Day band members are given opportunity to share from their hearts as well.

Third Day fans will likely consider this a must read. Others who may get much out of it? Musicians and worship leaders should appreciate the stories behind the songs, the nitty-gritty details of life from suitcases, and how creativity is encouraged in that atmosphere.
Lessons from the Road would also make a good mini-devotional or study book because the chapters contain topical Bible studies with application.
Lessons from the Road is a terrific look behind the scenes of a Christian rock band, specifically Third Day. Nigel James has served as their road pastor for over ten years and leads them in devotionals and prayer while they tour all over the world. The guys in the band contribute to the book with anecdotes about how songs came to be written, trouble with home life vs road life, and some amazing things that have happened during concerts. James includes abridged versions of some of the devotionals that he has taught over the years. The strongest of these is the one themed: of those who are given much, much will be asked. I enjoyed reading this book and learning about the guys of Third Day.