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e-Book Starting with Alice epub download

e-Book Starting with Alice epub download

Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
ISBN: 068984395X
Pages: 192 pages
Publisher: Atheneum; 1st edition (September 1, 2002)
Language: English
Category: Growing Up & Facts of Life
Size ePUB: 1848 kb
Size Fb2: 1455 kb
Size DJVU: 1858 kb
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 972
Format: lrf lrf lit mobi
Subcategory: Children

e-Book Starting with Alice epub download

by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Alice in Blunderland’ excerpt. Here’s what I love: Alice, my name. Felt-tipped pens, sixty-four colors. Flip-flops with sequins on them. Books about girls like me. My dad.

Alice in Blunderland’ excerpt. Here’s what I hate: Anything with gravy. Lint in my belly button.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (born January 4, 1933) is an American writer best known for children's and young adult fiction. Naylor is best known for her children's-novel quartet Shiloh (a 1992 Newbery Medal winner) and for her "Alice" book series, one of the most frequently challenged books of the last decade. Phyllis Reynolds Naylor was born in the . She grew up during the Great Depression with her older sister Norma and younger brother John

Starting with Alice book. All Alice wants is a friend.

Starting with Alice book. In that book Alice is 11 and starting sixth grade. She has just moved and started at a new school. Since then, Naylor has been writing a new Alice book appr You could say that Alice McKinley (not to be confused with Alice MacLeod) has a bit of a cult following at my current place of employ. So maybe it was just a matter of time before I too got sucked in.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. I’d rather eat toads, said Lester. You don’t have a choice, said Dad. Do I have to?. I hate weddings! I hate dressing up. Why can’t I stay here?. Why can’t I stay here? ain-dead to leave a sixteen-year-old boy alone in a house over a holiday weekend, that’s why, said Dad. You either come with us, or spend Thanksgiving with your aunt Sally in Chicago. I didn’t think that would be so bad at all, but at the very mention of Aunt Sally, Lester changed his mind. Okay, I’ll go, he grumbled, but I won’t enjoy it.

The Alice Collection/Alice in Elementary: Starting with Alice; Alice in. .This book is a really great companion for readers of a similar age to Alice (or those of us trying to relive or capture what is left of our youth).

The Alice Collection/Alice in Elementary: Starting with Alice; Alice in Blunderland; Lovingly Alice. It will shed a light on events that are relatable and gives the feeling that Alice is your friend. A definite recommended read, especially for younger girls!

PHYLLIS REYNOLDS NAYLOR includes many of her own growing-up experiences in the Alice books.

PHYLLIS REYNOLDS NAYLOR includes many of her own growing-up experiences in the Alice books. alice on her way. Books by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Alice in Blunderland. Here are all the embarrassing things that might happen to you in the fourth grade - and do happen to you, if your name is Alice McKinley: Your next-door neighbor (who happens to be a BOY!) sees you in your underpants. You sneeze beans all over your best friend. Your brother lies to you for fun and you believe him. You get trapped inside a snow cave - your own snow cave, that is. You're the only person in the whole grade who can't sing. Alice can't seem to do anything right anymore, especially where her big brother Lester is concerned.

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Phyllis Reynolds Naylor eBook Online Read. Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Published Year: 2003 Young AdultHistory & Fiction.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor eBook Online Read. Published Year: 1992 Young Adult. Published Year: 1995 Young AdultHistory & Fiction. Published Year: 2004 Young Adult.

Starting with Alice doesn't fill in any important gaps in the backstory and, in fact, creates a few discrepancies-Alice has a good time with her cousin Carol in this prequel, but in The Agony of Alice, she doesn't remember who Carol is. Nevertheless, this cheerful addition will find a ready audience. Nevertheless, this cheerful addition will find a ready audience among the younger siblings of Alice fans as well as the devoted older fans themselves, to whom Alice feels like a friend.

With no mother, no friends in her new third grade class, and not even a pet to play with, eight-year-old Alice finds life to be quite difficult, yet her developing friendship with her next-door-neighbor, Donald, makes things a bit better until Donald's divorced mother starts making the moves on her father.
I discovered the Alice series recently and I have now read 6 of Phyllis Naylor's books. I am looking forward to reading the Alice series books to my two dear granddaughters who are 7 and 9 year old sisters. I'm sure they will enjoy the Alice stories as they will readily relate to and identify with the characters that are portrayed so very realistically.

I have been deeply moved by each of the 4 "Alice" books I've read so far. I have found myself tearing up and just plain crying as I read these stories and, when I read the story called "A String of Chances", I was in tears almost non-stop as I read the last four chapters. I ordered this book online so I can have it for the girls to read a few years from now when they are a bit older and can more readily relate to the main, older character. We'll start with the Alice series and characters that are more nearly the same ages as my granddaughters.

Although I have read a number of outstanding books for children - and for adults - over the years and I have occasionally found myself moved to tears as I've read parts of some of them, I don't think I have ever been as moved by a story and the characters in a story as I have upon reading these six books by Ms. Naylor.

I look forward to reading more of Ms. Naylor's stories and sharing them with my loving and loved granddaughters.

Doug Love
parent, grandparent,
retired teacher, and
parenting instructor
Our 8 year old daughter absolutely looooved the Shiloh series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. When she finished the series, I scoured the internet to see what else Phyllis Reynolds Naylor has written. I read the reviews on the Alice series and purchased the first one, "Starting with Alice". Our daughter, now 9, loved the book so much that here we are ordering Alice in Blunderland. It's going to be a sweet summer of reading =)
This novel is light and sweet regarding the story and relationship between Alice and her pet. The vocabulary is perfect for a 3rd or 4th grader. So is the subject manner. I really enjoyed it.
This was a gift for a grand daughter and she enjoyed these books when she was younger and wants to collect the series.
I have not read the kindle version yet, but I read the hard back when I was younger! It is a great story about growing up!
Got this book today. Seems to have all it's pages! ;) Definitely worth buying a used copy. Looks brand new!!
My daughter has read this book over and over again- she loves it!
The lovably awkward heroine of Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s popular Alice series is back in a sweet prequel that casts her as a hapless third grader about to start school in a brand new state. Following the death of her mother, Alice McKinley finds herself moving across the country to Maryland with her music store manager father and her teenage brother Lester.

If only starting over was easy for Alice, who gets off to a rough start. It seems like everybody at school already has a best friend (or two, in some cases!) and poor Alice is just stuck hanging out with the weird boy who lives next door. Even worse: she seems to have made quite a few enemies on her quest to find friendship—an older crossing guard and a pack of attached-at-the-hip girls known as the Terrible Triplets have it in for her, and she even gets herself landed in the principal’s office for telling a big fib to her classmates.

Without a mother to help guide her, how can Alice ever expect to navigate her way through this new school? The answer, of course, is with pluck and determination that middle and older readers will relate to and cheer for.

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