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e-Book Candy Canes in Bethlehem epub download

e-Book Candy Canes in Bethlehem epub download

Author: Miriam Van Scott
ISBN: 081981606X
Pages: 32 pages
Publisher: Pauline Books & Media (November 25, 2012)
Language: English
Category: Holidays & Celebrations
Size ePUB: 1699 kb
Size Fb2: 1155 kb
Size DJVU: 1343 kb
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 977
Format: mobi lrf docx txt
Subcategory: Children

e-Book Candy Canes in Bethlehem epub download

by Miriam Van Scott

Candy Canes in Bethlehem book. Miriam Van Scott is the author of the new series SHAKESPEARE GOES POP - which re-imagines famous movie, television, sports, newsmakers and other quotes in Elizabethan style.

Candy Canes in Bethlehem book.

Candy Canes in Bethlehem teaches children about holiday customs from around the world and encourages them to diversify their own Christmas celebrations. Pauline Books & Media.

by Miriam Van Scott and Traci Van Wagoner. Unwrap the gifts of tradition and celebration from cultures around the globe in this illustrated Christmas storybook as Daniel discovers the true meaning behind Christmas pinatas, pickles, kangaroos, gingerbread houses, stockings, and candy canes the birth of Jesus Christ Brightly-colored, brushstroke illustrations adorn this festive, hardcover book.

Her first children's book Candy Canes in Bethlehem -- published in 2012 -- features illustrations and information on Christmas traditions from cultures around the globe.

Candy Canes in Bethlehem reminds us that the celebration of Christmas is as colorful and boundless as the imagination of a child. About Miriam Van Scott (Author) : Miriam Van Scott is a published author of children's books. Interested in learning more about Christmas customs from around the globe? Visit ww. .com for craft ideas, recipes, 'Merry Christmas' translations, stories, carols, and more. View Miriam Van Scott's profile. About Bethany Van Scott (Illustrator) : Bethany Van Scott is a published illustrator of children's books.

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Miriam Van Scott studied mystic literature at George Washington University. She lives with her family in Manassas, Virginia and is the author of The Encyclopedia of Hell and The Encyclopedia of Heaven. MACMILLAN NEWSLETTER. g. The Encyclopedia of Heaven. Miriam Van Scott St. Martin's Publishing Group Thomas Dunne Books.

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Candy Canes in Bethlehem offers holiday traditions from around the world and encourages children to explore the many facets of the season. Celebration ideas include customs from Mexico, Kenya, China, Germany, Australia and more! It's a great way to learn about other countries and cultures while embracing perennial favorite images of everything Christmas.
Nice book includes Christmas traditions from many countries. Designed especially for the catholic faith but applicable for most faiths. The gist of the story is what can I do to make Christmas story meaningful to people now. Good reading.
I highly recommend this book to ANYONE who likes Christmas, is interested in other cultures, or who just plain likes good art. Bethany Van Scott is one of my most favorite modern artists, her style is breathtaking and smooth and a joy to look at. A great book all around!
This review, courtesy of The Catholic Company, is so long overdue, I'm afraid. I've read the book myself and to my son several times but didn't get a chance to write the review until now thanks to my classes and Super-storm Sandy. It's a good thing that in the Catholic Church the Christmas Season technically isn't over until February 2nd! :) In any case...

Candy Canes in Bethlehem is a charming little book. It tells the story of Daniel who is eager to help decorate his parish church for Christmas. He is given the task of putting together the Manger scene and along the way he discovers the many Christmas traditions celebrated around the world.

In my opinion, this book is most appropriate for children of ages 5-8, but children of ALL ages will enjoy this book.
CANDY CANES IN BETHLEHEM is the simple story of young Eddie, as he wants to help in some special way with the Christmas decorations at church. He finds as he puts the nativity up that around the world there are many different traditions for celebrating Christmas. There are many interesting traditions and countries for discussion in the book and a website at the end of the book that has web interactions.

One problem with the book is that it begins in a church and that limits its use to perhaps home schools, private schools, or parents. Public school teachers might be able to use parts of the book and read what specific children say about traditions in other countries as they study holiday traditions.

Each page has lots of text so it is an informational picture book. The illustrations match the text and are well done. The book is one that would add to a study of winter holidays and traditions in other countries.

The publisher sent this book to me for review.
Candy Canes in Bethlehem is a story that will introduce readers young and old to Christmas traditions from all around the world. The very appealing main character, 7-year-old Eddie, is determined to make a meaningful contribution to the decorating of the church for Christmas. He wants to do something special. When given the job of setting up the Nativity, Eddie complains that that is not special, it is the same every year. He would like to add some more interesting characters to the scene, like dinosaurs or robots.

As other children approach and tell tales of their family Christmas traditions, Eddie finds that the Nativity can indeed have more interesting characters and still represent Christmas. (Maybe not dinosaurs or robots, but kangaroos for sure!) As Eddie says, "Don't you see--Christmas is everything!"

The illustrations are absolutely beautiful, and the story is honestly such a sweet one, a must-read for children at Christmas time.
Eddy wants to help his church decorate for Christmas. But he can't find a job that he's big enough for and that's big enough for him. Until his Pastor puts him in charge of the manger scene. But in addition to the traditional figures from the Biblical story in Bethlehem, he uses figures and symbols suggested by other children and his own imagination, even candy canes.

This slim book for mid-level readers or to read aloud to younger kids, introduces Christmas traditions and symbols from a variety of cultures. So, a white kangaroo (to pull Santa's sleigh down under), a Native American elder (a wise man of his people), paper cranes (for a long and happy life in Japan), a piñata (for Christmas treats in Mexico), and others join the Christ child, Mary, and Joseph in the stable. Eddy also adds his own non-traditional elements and even explains to the Pastor why they all belong. Simple attractive color illustrations enhance the straight-forward storytelling.

This book is written from the white, middle-American, Protestant tradition. For similar Christian families who want to share Christmas traditions beyond their own cultural heritage, it offers a nice introduction. For families from other Christian traditions and for non-Christians, this book's very narrow viewpoint may be uncomfortably limited.
"Candy Canes in Bethlehem" by Miriam Van Scott is a delightful book which introduces children to some of the different customs of celebrating the Christmas season from around the world.

The story opens in a church, and for many people who celebrate Christmas, that's where it all begins. Eddie is a typical young boy who desperately wants to do something special within the community of older kids and adults in his church. He attempts many of the decorating jobs but they all seem too much for a young boy. When his Pastor assigns him the task of setting up the nativity scene Eddie soon becomes discouraged. His discouragement is short-lived though, when some of the other kids come by with his older sister and begin sharing their memories and experiences of Christmas from their own cultures. As each child tells their story from around the globe, Eddie becomes empowered to make this year's nativity truly "special."

The author weaves some interesting cultural practices into her tale. Then carefully introduces the reader to the idea of diversity while touching on the principles of acceptance and tolerance. And the various stories aren't just limited to the nativity but also include traditions of celebration, food and even Santa Claus.

The book is beautifully illustrated with festive and colorful pictures that bring the story to life. I would highly recommend this book as a wonderful way to teach children that Christmas is celebrated in many different traditions throughout the world.