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e-Book My Teacher Is An Alien epub download

e-Book My Teacher Is An Alien epub download

Author: J. Pierard Bruce Coville
ISBN: 0006940811
Pages: 142 pages
Publisher: Collins (1991)
Language: English
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Size ePUB: 1357 kb
Size Fb2: 1152 kb
Size DJVU: 1508 kb
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 850
Format: txt docx doc mobi
Subcategory: Children

e-Book My Teacher Is An Alien epub download

by J. Pierard Bruce Coville

Books by Bruce Coville. Gang Trilogy Operation Sherlock Robot Trouble Forever Begins Tomorrow. My Teacher Books My Teacher is an Alien My Teacher Fried My Brains My Teacher Glows in the Dark My Teacher Flunked the Planet. Space Brat Books Space Brat.

Books by Bruce Coville. Camp Haunted Hills How I Survived My Summer. Space Brat v. Blork's Evil Twin Space Brat 3: The Wrath of Squat Space Brat 4: Planet of the Dips Space Brat 5-: The Saber-toothed Poodnoobie.

Peter didn't answer me. "Peter," I hissed, pinching his arm. "Do you think she's alive?"

Peter didn't answer me. "Do you think she's alive?". Peter turned to me. I could see his face in the blue glow that came from the. thing in the center of the attic. His eyes were glazed and blank. I wasn't sure whether he even knew I was there. You weren't kidding, were you?". Of course I wasn't kidding!". But do you know what this means?".

Bruce Coville has published more than one hundred books, which have sold more than sixteen million copies. Among his most popular titles are My Teacher Is an Alien, Into the Land of the Unicorns, and The Monster’s Ring. Bruce also founded Full Cast Audio, a company that creates recordings of the best in children’s and young adult literature. He lives in Syracuse, New York, with his wife, Katherine.

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Bruce Coville is the reason I love reading, and the reason I love sf/f in particular. This was the most formative series of my childhood. The first book is pretty light and silly (the end of the series is quite a bit heavier), and utterly delightful. It held up on re-read much better than expected – it’s really a suspenseful and well crafted story. Good use of the evil teacher trope. Mr. Smith has some very creepy standoffs with Susan as he stays in character as their teacher.

My Teacher Is an Alien is a four-book science fiction children's book series authored by Bruce Coville. The titles include: My Teacher Is an Alien (1989). My Teacher Fried my Brains (1991). My Teacher Glows in the Dark (1991). My Teacher Flunked the Planet (1992). The plot is about three children, Peter Thompson, who is called a nerd, Susan Simmons, and school bully Duncan Dougal.

My boy is a first grader who loves books. I constantly seek books written at a level that is within his comprehension and somewhat beyond his reading skill. That way we not only share story times together, but he also is continually challenged to learn a greater vocabulary and to test his imagination. Bruce Coville's Teacher Series is fun fantasy with enough real-life children's situations in the story for young people to relate - pre-adolescent boy-girl friendships, mean kids, do-gooders, etc. The same kind of people every child can relate to through their own experience.

We are now into another in the Teacher Series. That alone should tell you what you need to know about whether this book is worthwhile. I also think these books are well-priced in the Kindle section.
This was bought for my grandson who hates to read but had an assignment at school called AR reading. He is in the 4th grade so finding books for him that were fun and he could read on his own was hard. This series did the trick, he read a few of them and actually enjoyed them. This school year has ended but I plan to pick up with the next book in this series next year when he has the same assignment.
I read these when I was a kid. I remember it was the first time a book ever made me cry. They taught me that books, and their characters, can have an impact on a person. I purchased these as a gift for my young cousin. They came undamaged and beautiful. I'm looking forward to sharing this delightful story with him!
Great book!! My son is not a big reader and it's hard to find books that keep his interest. This book did!! He found it hard to put the book down and he loved that was suspenseful all the way to the end.
My son is getting into reading. I loved this series at his age and bought them to share with him.
Brought it for a gift.
As a MG writer, I'm always looking for good MG fiction to read and recommend. I liked this short book. The characters were likable and real. The dialogue felt natural and the action was fun. I'm looking forward to reading more adventures about these characters.
This was bought for my 4th grader for her summer reading. She could not put it down. She loved the book.