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e-Book Amusement Park Rides (Shire Library) epub download

e-Book Amusement Park Rides (Shire Library) epub download

Author: Martin Easdown
ISBN: 0747811547
Pages: 56 pages
Publisher: Shire Publications (July 24, 2012)
Language: English
Category: Engineering
Size ePUB: 1631 kb
Size Fb2: 1561 kb
Size DJVU: 1201 kb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 973
Format: mbr lit lrf azw
Subcategory: Engineering

e-Book Amusement Park Rides (Shire Library) epub download

by Martin Easdown

Amusement Park Rides (Shire Library).

Amusement Park Rides (Shire Library). The book is a little disorganized, especially toward the beginning and sometimes has the feeling of an itemized list with descriptions which lack some of the passion the author obviously has. The illustrations are abundant and excellent and are one of things I would have liked to have seen more of. This is a fun read if you are nostalgic for these wonderful parks, especially the ones that have vanished.

Amusement Park Rides book. Other books in the series. Shire Library (1 - 10 of 145 books). Books by Martin Easdown. A ride on a thrill rollercoaster is the highlight of any visit. Mor. rivia About Amusement Park Rides.

series Shire Library. Books related to Amusement Park Rides. A ride on a rollercoaster is the highlight of any trip to an amusement or theme park, and such attractions have been entertaining the public for well over a century.

Amusement Park Rides - Martin Easdown. Most of the rides described in this book were placed in permanent amusement parks rather than travelling fairgrounds. Some rides were a feature of both, such as the dodgems and the Caterpillar, and a few of the more popular examples have been included. However, other features of the amusement park, such as the sideshows, amusement machines, miniature railways, special exhibitions and wall-of-death rides, are not described here.

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Amusement rides, sometimes called carnival rides, are mechanical devices or structures that move people to create enjoyment

Amusement rides, sometimes called carnival rides, are mechanical devices or structures that move people to create enjoyment. Flat rides are usually considered to be those that move their passengers in a plane generally parallel to the ground, such as rides that spin around a vertical axis, like carousels and twists, and ground level rides such as bumper cars and The Whip.

item 3 Shire Library: Amusement park rides by Martin Easdown (Paperback, softback) -Shire Library: Amusement park .

item 3 Shire Library: Amusement park rides by Martin Easdown (Paperback, softback) -Shire Library: Amusement park rides by Martin Easdown (Paperback, softback). Martin Easdown is a seaside historian and Archivist of the National Piers Society who is an acknowledged expert on the history of piers and other seaside amusements and architecture. He is a published author of over thirty books on piers, seaside and local history and has regularly contributed to television and radio programmes.

An amusement park is an outdoor area with games, rides and shows. They are spread over a large area, often many square kilometers. Young and old visitors can enjoy many types of attractions. They can ride on roller coasters, go high up in the air in a Ferris wheel or ride on carousels. Amusement parks also offer restaurants and bars to eat and drink, as well as green areas with grass to sit down or relax. Most amusement parks have a fixed location. Some of them are open all year round, others only during the warmer season. Today amusement parks have been replaced by theme parks

A ride on a thrill rollercoaster is the highlight of any visit to an amusement or theme park. Today's rides are at the cutting edge of technology and engineering, but they are but the latest of a long line of rides with humble roots in Russian ice slides and wooden sleigh rides. Seaside historian Martin Easdown describes the great age of these fascinating structures, from the first mass produced rollercoaster, the Switchback Railway, through to the giant wooden coasters of the inter-war period, using historic postcards and photographs to chart their development. The fullest expression of the popularity of rollercoasters was to be found at the great British seaside and popular amusement parks, such as Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Southend Kursaal and Margate Dreamland, which were created around the rides. The author also goes beyond rollercoasters to other amusement rides, such as revolving towers, aerial rides, Ferris wheels and water chutes that were produced from the late Victorian era in all manner of fascinating forms. This book is a celebration of how rollercoaster and other amusements enthralled and thrilled and became a much-loved feature of our leisure industry.
It was a good read but it was too short. It mainly focuses on parks in the United Kingdom with some references to U.S. parks. It did best with the early rides but was just a teaser to a huge history. The book discussed the early coasters with enough detail that it gave an idea as to their invention and evolution. That was the good part--the part that made it a worthwhile read, but it should have stayed with the history. The final chapter, Modern Rides, was just a gloss-over almost like the author didn't know that detail or had lost interest. This is a point where the historian simply gives you a bunch of encyclopedic details. If the first chapter would have been written like the last chapter, I would have never got into the book.
This was a very quick read- wish it was longer. It does give a background on most of the common rides you see in Amusement parks.
This quick-read book has enough anecdotes, amusement park history, and geographical ancillaries to fill a tunnel of love; however, the book's heartbeat is transplanted from the earliest 20th century beginnings of amusement rides and consumes much of the reader's time with places and locations of rides that might be historically correct, but not very relative to a 21st century audience. From the early beginnings of toboggan slides to pre-WWII Hully Gullies, there is much to be absorbed here from the hours upon hours of research the author put into this publication. However, if mid-Century rides are what you're seeking, this book will leave you hungry for more. Some modern amusement rides are mentioned, but only in relation to the ghosts of amusement park pasts.... Perhaps if the book were retitled to read "Amusement Park Rides of the early 20th Century," another star might have been earned.