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e-Book You Can't Go Home Again epub download

e-Book You Can't Go Home Again epub download

Author: Thomas Wolfe
ISBN: 0060803142
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (December 1973)
Language: English
Category: Classics
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Rating: 4.6
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Subcategory: Literature

e-Book You Can't Go Home Again epub download

by Thomas Wolfe

The novel tells the story of George Webber, a fledgling author, who writes a book that makes frequent references to his home town of Libya Hill which was actually Asheville, North Carolina.

Home Thomas Wolfe You Can't Go Home Again. So he had finally left her and fled to Europe. He had gone away to forget her, only to find that he could not; he had done nothing but think of her all the time. You cant go home again, . You Can't Go Home Again, . The memory of her rosy, jolly face, her essential goodness, her sure and certain talent, and all the hours that they had spent together returned to torture him with new desire and longing for her.

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Start by marking You Can't Go Home Again as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Thomas Wolfe I finally finished this 704-page tome. It took me almost a year: I kept putting it down-sometimes for weeks at a time-and picking it back up again. Every time I started reading it again I was always glad, though, because I really liked his writing. I am not sure how this section fits into the novel, for it is more a postscript. Her abrupt change of mood and her easy assumption that he or any human being could honestly pledge himself to anyone or anything for ever struck him as ludicrous, and he laughed. She made an impatient gesture with her hand.

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Thomas Clayton Wolfe was born at the family home, 92 Woodfin Street, in Asheville, North Carolina on October 3rd, 1900. Aged 15, Wolfe began his studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) where he enrolled in a playwriting course. Wolfe graduated in 1920 and enrolled at the Graduate School for Arts and Sciences at Harvard. Here he studied playwriting under the tutelage of George Pierce Baker. In 1922 he received his master's degree from Harvard. Wolfe now began the transition from studying to commercial playwright.

A twentieth-century classic.

Sometimes we leave home and sometimes homes leaves us. You might not be able to go home again, but you can learn to rekindle the love of the place you used to live, if you exercise perspective and learn to see it with new eyes. America is in the midst of an age boom and with it, an amazing transition.

Story of an artist who flees scandal and despair as he journeys from his family home in a small Southern town to the capitals of prewar Europe.
I first read this book when I was in my thirties and at that time I was living in Sydney Australia where I was born. I had recently returned from Europe where I had been living for six years and during that time I had also travelled extensively to Africa via Morrocco and to India, Pakistan and all around Europe. Within six months of being back in Sydney I had a nervous breakdown and went into therapy. Years later I returned to Europe and lived there again for six years and then returned to Australia again. I now live in the USA and am married to an American woman and if this does not explain why the title of Wolfe's book spoke to me very clearly all those years ago then don't read it. For me it was a book so forceful in the telling of one man's search for his place in the world and how that came about when he travelled that I could not get it out of my mind. And now I am going to re- read it again and know that I will eventually die here in the US a contented man.
Hilarious Kangaroo
I don't know how else to put this but this is the best book I ever read. Yes there are times in the middle where it wanders and meanders a bit but that's part of the journey, and by the time I got to the end, to this part, I saw my own life:

"You can't go back home to your family, back home to your childhood, back home to romantic love, back home to a young man's dreams of glory and of fame, back home to exile, to escape to Europe and some foreign land"

The romantic relationship in which my identity was firmly anchored for years (the girl that got away, but continued to live in my memory), the family bonds that tie and tied too tight, my adventures in Zurich and Tel Aviv and Seoul, and all of it wound up in chasing the wind, as Ecclesiastes pointed out so many years ago. I suppose part of the reason we read is to realize we're not alone in experiencing the tragedies that life bestows upon us.

And there's something about 1930s Germany that rings a little familiar today. Not exactly, but there's echos.

Yes, this book struck home for me. And the prose is more beautifully constructed than anything I've read in a long time. This is a great book. Read it and make it yours.
This id the story of a small town author who first writes a book about his home town but it injures the sensitivities of his friends and acquaintances in the town. The story then goes on through several sub-plots which hold the reaer's attention.Finally, the author finds a spot (London) where he can work in an effort to produce another book. He has an English house keeper and the interactions between the aspiring author and the housekeeper are priceless. There are a few slow moving parts in the book but is mostly thoroughly enjoyable.
Published a year after his death, "You Can't Go Home Again", stands as Thomas Wolfe's magnum opus. Biographical in form, it follows the life of George Webber, from the 1920s through the great crash of 1929, the depression years, and finally Germany as it sank under Nazi control. Wolfe captures the ebb and flow of American society, rich as well as poor, and the sinking of German society as it fell under the influence of the Nazis. All of this is wrapped in brilliant prose.
This is one of the greatest books I've ever read! I wish I had read it decades ago. Its prose is beautiful. The stories told about the 1920s and the Great Depression bring the period to life and have encouraged me to visit Asheville where much of the book takes place. The characters are painted beautifully. The book should be a "must read" in colleges and high schools since it is about life, man's frailties and, simply, the nature of things. I will definitely read more of Wolfe!
Thomas Wolfe and his works have been reviewed and critiqued by the greatest writers of his time, and found to be exceptional in their brilliance. It's all been said, and I agree that his talent is compelling, his stories heartbreaking in tenderness and brutal honesty; his style is totally unique (although it echoes in the subsequent writers he has influenced). I loved his book.
Thomas Wolfe is required reading for anyone wanting to write. Keep a pencil and paper at hand to write down words you aren't familiar with, words that will expand your vocabulary. If I were to conduct a class on writing I would have to spent time on the necessity of developing, as Andrew Lytle termed it, a sense of place. There is a-sense-of-place that helps, is critical, to the development of the character of George Webber, Eugene Gant and Miss Esther Jack. Many paragraphs in "You Can’t Go Home Again" read like poetry. Place is not so much a physical place like New York or Lybia Hill but the place as defined by the characters’ personalities, their beings. Physical location is not so important except as a vehicle… a-sense-of-place is the domain of the characters.
As relevant now as it was, when it was originally written in the 1930's. Thomas Wolfe portrayed in vivid detail, all the virtues and foibles of human behavior in amazing detail, while laying bare our society's willingness to be seduced by those timeless illusions of grandeur, wealth and prestige -- often in spite of, and in the face of our own impending doom. The story effectively takes the reader on a journey of self examination as experienced thru the mind and heart of it's main character (George Webber) Thru this process, he develops not only a better and deeper understanding of himself, but of society, particularly those around him. It is thru these many experiences, that he is able to discover and solidify his own true identity, which is something most readers can -- in varying degrees -- relate. It's a fairly hefty volume, so I would personally suggest taking your time, in order to obtain the full benefit of it's rich content.