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e-Book The Man Who Risked His Partner epub download

e-Book The Man Who Risked His Partner epub download

Author: Reed Stephens
ISBN: 0006174922
Pages: 288 pages
Publisher: Fontana Press; New Ed edition (June 11, 1987)
Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Size ePUB: 1802 kb
Size Fb2: 1995 kb
Size DJVU: 1127 kb
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 740
Format: lrf txt mbr rtf
Subcategory: Literature

e-Book The Man Who Risked His Partner epub download

by Reed Stephens

Home Stephen R. Donaldson The Man Who Risked His Partner. I was Mick Axbrewder, the drunk who killed his own brother. She never would’ve lost her hand if I’d had the brains God gave a spaniel-if, for example, I’d thought of using my belt to hold that bomb. So I took care of her.

Home Stephen R. The man who risked his . .The Man Who Risked His Partner, . Stephen R. Donaldson. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29. Table of Contents.

The Man Who Killed His Brother was the first, and this is the second of the three. This book is one of Stephen Donaldson's private detecive series (aka Reed Stephens). Mick "Brew" Axbrewder is a . who's seen better days.

ed. of: The man who risked his partner/ by Reed Stephens. A Tom Doherty Associates book". Deeply into alcoholism, some time back, he accidentally shot and killed a cop. Worse, the cop turned out to be his brother. Even worse, in a case not long after that, his partner Ginny Fistoulari blew off her own left hand, protecting him and others. Now Mick works mostly as hired muscle for Ginny.

His on-off relationship with Ginny used to involve her trying to keep him sober enough to help her solve cases, but since she lost her .

His on-off relationship with Ginny used to involve her trying to keep him sober enough to help her solve cases, but since she lost her hand in an explosion, which Brew blames himself for, Ginny has changed and Brew doesn't know how to help her. Fortunately for both of them, a call from Reg Haskell gives them something new to focus o. Stephen Donaldson lived in India for 13 years with his father, a medical missionary, who worked extensively with lepers; it was here that he conceived the character of Thomas Covenant.

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WHAT WE RISKMick Brew Axbrewder is a . The Reed Stephens Novels: The Man Who Risked His Partner; The Man Killed His Brother; The Man Who Tried to Get Away.

Mick Axbrewder (6'5"", 260 l. is the man of the title; his partner/lover/boss is Ginny Fistoulari, head of their .

But: is Haskell telling the truth about the who and why of these attacks? Is he perhaps really being stalked by his angry wife or one of his many ex-mistresses? (One of them is a schizo with a merc-thug protector.

They're private investigators with everything at stake and nothing left to lose but their lives. A mystery fromt he mind of a retired Police Man. Softcover, 5-in. 282 pages, Text Only. Man Who Risked His Partner SC (1984 Novel) Published Oct 1984 by Ballantine Books.

Stephen R. Donaldson is one of America's acclaimed storytellers. Used availability for Stephen Donaldson's The Man Who Risked His Partner. November 2003 : USA Hardback. But in the 1980s, he published three novels about private investigators Mick Axbrewder and Ginny Fistoulari, as paperback originals under the pseudonym "Reed Stephens. In 2001, Tor published a fourth novel about these characters, The Man Who Fought Alone, this time in hardcover under Donaldson's own name. They don't talk much.

This is the second in a series of mystery novels written by Donaldson in between larger writing projects. In this episode, Axbrewder and Fistoulari are hired to protect a bank executive whose life is threatened, but their client tells so many lies that they spend half the book trying to figure out what he is actually up to, while the goons come after them and all hell breaks loose, etc. It's not very deep, but makes fun vacation reading. This novel is very similar to its predecessor, "The Man Who Killed His Brother", although a bit slower and more angst-ridden. In fact it is perhaps a bit too similar in structure. In any case, if you are going to read both books, it is preferable, though not essential, to read TMWKHB first.
I did. Not order this book nor did I receive it ! If my C / C is going to be used like this I will cancel it !
Prince Persie
In Puerto del Sol in the southwest desert, private sleuth Mick "Brew" Axbrewder feels self loathing and guilt. During an alcoholic stupor, he killed his brother. Adding to his despondency, his detective partner and lover at that time Ginny Fistoulari blew off her hand with a grenade saving his butt from his latest blunder. Though a doubting Thomas about his abilities, Brew struggles with sobriety vowing in a personal covenant to take care of the depressed Gin, who has not mentally recovered from her trauma.
Gin and Brew are hired to protect First Puerta del Sol National Bank Chief Accountant Reg Haskell. He tells them he lost a lot of money gambling at the El Machismo and has been threatened if he fails to pay off his debt. Though they doubt Reg's claim, Brew serves as his personal bodyguard. However as the sleuths investigate his story they find other fabrications and conclude the entire tale is fiction. When several murder attempts occur, Brew and Gin struggle to put aside their personal problems to uncover the person wanting their mendacious client dead.
THE MAN WHO RISKED HIS PARTNER is the second tale of an expansion of novels written in the 1980s under the name Reed Stephens (see THE MAN WHO FOUGHT ALONE). The story line mixes a hardboiled detective story inside an angst relationship drama. Though Reg is a great support character with his changing explanations fun to follow, the tale suffers from an overabundance of negativity. While Gin behaves semi comatose barely living, Brew is the poster boy for guilty loser. Their angst overwhelms a solid private detective tale, depressing the reader.
Harriet Klausner
i would expect no less from Stephen Donaldson writing under an asumed name, author of the Gap series, a brilliant mystery novel if you like them this is a good one
Unlike Donaldson's first "Chronicles" trilogy (arguably one of the finest epic fantasys ever written), this pretentious attempt at hard-boiled detective fiction is inauthentic, tiresome, and a complete waste of the reader's time. I got my copy for free, and I still feel cheated! If you want to read something worthwhile in this genre, check out something by Raymond Chandler, Andrew Vachss, or David Cray -- even the worst mass-market fluff by that hack Robert Parker is far better than this travesty! Have you no shame, Mister Donaldson?