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e-Book Railroaded! epub download

e-Book Railroaded! epub download

Author: Whitfield Grant
ISBN: 0976118106
Pages: 322 pages
Publisher: Denver-Austin Publishing Group, Inc.; F First Edition edition (December 1, 2004)
Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Size ePUB: 1868 kb
Size Fb2: 1247 kb
Size DJVU: 1297 kb
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 478
Format: mbr lit rtf lrf
Subcategory: Literature

e-Book Railroaded! epub download

by Whitfield Grant

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Tony Williams is a star free safety for a professional football team, in addition to being a highly respected member of his community. All is going well until Tony, a happily married, non-philandering husband, publicly and firmly rejects the advances of a female fan. Furious at his refusal to sleep with her, the woman (also the daughter of Tony's pro football team owner) accuses him of assault and rape, eventually framing him for the crime. His life is thrown into an unimaginable tailspin.

One of America's leading railroad historians, he is author of numerous books on railroad history, including The North Western and The Corn Belt Route.

-Carlos Schwantes, University of Missouri at St. Louis. One of the best in the genre of traditional corporate history. -Technology and Culture. One of America's leading railroad historians, he is author of numerous books on railroad history, including The North Western and The Corn Belt Route. Series: Railroads in America.

SUPERANNO When star athlete Anthony Williams is falsely accused of rape, he calls on two lifelong friends to help clear his name: Adrian Christopher, also a football player, and Errol Forrest, J. a law student. SUPERANNO When star athlete Anthony Williams is falsely accused of rape, he calls on two lifelong friends to help clear his name: Adrian Christopher, also a football player, and Errol Forrest, J.

Whitfield Grant has written a surprisingly good thriller with Railroaded. His first novel, it is well-written and, except for the first three chapters, well-paced. I am looking forward to the planned sequels to Railroaded. Whitfield Grant has a talent for writing thrillers that will only improve with experience. PointedPundit, March 25, 2008.

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Railroads and the American People is a sparkling paean to American railroading by one of its finest historians. Read this book slowly, allowing the wealth of detail-which is the book's great strength-time to sink in. You will find yourself thinking about certain details after hours, each reader resonating with some different aspect of the map Grant creates. Grant's book leaves you wishing for more. -Indiana Magazine of History.

SUPERANNO When star athlete Anthony Williams is falsely accused of rape, he calls on two lifelong friends to help clear his name: Adrian Christopher, also a football player, and Errol Forrest, Jr., a law student. Forced to endure the pressure of a highly publicized trial led by an ambitious prosecutor, the friends also have to uncover a mysterious threat lurking behind the scenes...but on whose orders? Original. 25,000 first printing.
This is such an amazing book that I woke up today and checked the news for a report on Anthony Williams, Joseph Kearns, and Raymond Sutter. Let me back up a bit...

After waking at 3am to read a few pages of Chapter 21, I couldn't stop myself... until I finished at 5:37am. When I went to bed and woke up again at 9am, I turned on the news - expecting to see what I'd read - hoping it was a bad dream. For me, the novel seemed more vivid than some news stories.

Railroaded is an excellent novel of three friends who establish and maintain an admirable friendship from childhood. Even when they go their separate ways as young adults, they make plans to reunite and establish an architect firm. Along the way, one of the highly respected friends is railroaded by a rich, daddy's girl. She comes from a family of Klansmen, and they are eventually summoned from Mississippi to thicken the plot. A trial ensues, and the plot gets even thicker.

RAILROADED! is a dynamic expose of friendship, intellect, loyalty, racism, and true love. The intriguing novel keeps you on the edge of your seat and leaves you wanting more. The sequel, DERAILED, can't come out soon enough.
I began reading "Railroaded" and I couldn't put it down. What a wonderful political suspense thriller! I haven't read one as good since I read Sterling Anthony's "The Cookie Cutter."

I salute W. Grant for tackling tough, but sensitive issues that cost some African American athletes their careers and more. There are so few books of substance and interest for young Black men, so I am glad that I can now add "Railroaded" to my gift list. This book was my first summer read; my second one will have a hard act to follow!
I've read many Grisham books and many of the Scott Patterson books showcasing Alex Cross. For me, there was always something missing. Where are the stories that deal with a real slice of our culture, that is a mutlicultural experience that represents the melting pot that is America? Such is the case with the new novel, "Railroaded!" by author Whitfield Grant. It is interesting that the novel showcases stories that are in the headlines on almost a daily basis. So, how does a successful African-American family man and athlete defend himself from a vindictive rape charge by a rich and powerful young white woman? This is the story showcased in Railroaded! From the first page, Mr. Grant sets the stage for a psychological thriller as the principal character witnesses a lynching in the mid 1960's. Railroaded grips you in suspense as it twists and turns through a well developed plot. The characters are well developed and allow you to create your own pictures in your minds eye. All through the book, you are forced to endure the nightmares faced by the main character, Tony Williams, as he fights with his two best friends, to clear his name. The book then becomes a courtroom drama showcasing all that must be endured in that venue as well as in the court of public opinion. And the ending . . . the ending will leave you saying, "whew!" There are those that probably think that the three African-American men showcased in this novel are too perfect . . . to good to be true. But don't we need positive role models in a society that showcases negativity, promotes negative social mores in the interaction between men and women, and elevates crime to celebrity status? Whitfield Grant has successfully created characters in which we can take a genuine interest and grabs your continued interest so that you will find yourself getting behind them in their pursuit of truth and justice. Does the book call into question certain issues that are at best difficult to address like racism and all the ugliness that it involves? Absolutely! But in the end, Mr. Grant handles the subject matter in a very clean manner . . . and in the end, sometimes being a good man just isn't enough. Read Railroaded! and see for yourself. It's simply outstanding. I am delighted to have found a great author who provides real reading entertainment.
Set mostly in the late 1970s, RAILROADED! is a legal thriller about an intelligent and successful young black man named Anthony Williams who is accused of committing a crime he didn't commit. As a youth, Williams witnessed one of his cousins being lynched by the KKK for being involved with a young white woman. That event scarred Williams for life, even after he grew up to become an Olympic athlete and an up-and-rising star in the NFL for the Pittsburgh Steelers. His wife and friends helped Williams work through the issue in college and afterwards. However, the event comes back to haunt him after the daughter of the Steeler's owner accuses Williams of assaulting and raping her. Williams has had nothing to do with the woman and scorns her advances. Her pride wounded by the refusals, the young woman decides she will use everything in her power to bring Anthony Williams down. Unbeknownst to both individuals, there are more powerful forces at play that have decided to use the trial as a means to achieve their goals and further their agenda. These individuals cause the events surrounding the trial to turn into a life and death game of cat-and-mouse. Who exactly the people pulling the strings are and what their agenda is remains a mystery, which adds to the excitement of the story and helps fuel interest for a sequel.

For a first time novel in a difficult genre to write for, RAILROADED! isn't too bad. I found the general plotline of the story to be really interesting. I applaud the author, Whitfield Grant, for attempting to create a story and characters that have strong black protagonists; Anthony Williams, Adrian Christopher, and Errol Forrest, Jr. are characters that have some great qualities and who make for better role models than many real life performers and athletes. Also, except for a slow beginning that gives a lot of back-story, the book moves at a fairly quick pace, especially the last third. The characters are well developed and have a lot of potential. After finishing the novel, I wanted to read more adventures about these individuals.

However, as much as RAILROADED! has going for it, it isn't a great novel. It's a decent first attempt, but that's about it. I liked the characters and plot in the book, but the writing itself is drab and rather boring. At times it felt like I was reading a transcript from a courthouse rather than a legal thriller. There were too many simple sentences, not enough description, and the book is riddled with clichés. Yet, I have read worse and sometimes by famous, well established authors.

RAILROADED! might not be a great novel, but it did leave me longing for more. I am sure that Mr. Grant's writing will improve over time and I look forward to his next project.