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e-Book Crossroads epub download

e-Book Crossroads epub download

Author: Mary Ting
ISBN: 1456888587
Pages: 384 pages
Publisher: Xlibris (April 6, 2011)
Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Size ePUB: 1497 kb
Size Fb2: 1128 kb
Size DJVU: 1819 kb
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 902
Format: lrf txt mobi rtf
Subcategory: Literature

e-Book Crossroads epub download

by Mary Ting

World Castle Publishing. Crossroads is an exciting debut book with a rich paranormal mythology, unique angel-lore, forbidden romance, action, suspense and plot twists.

World Castle Publishing. With her detailed writing and a plot that flow wells, Mary created a world I enjoyed visiting, and a story that was hard to put down. Katie with Mundie Moms. Watch out Edward Cullen!

I think this may be the author, Mary Ting's, first book. If so, she did a nice job. Although, I think there was an awful lot of repetition.

I think this may be the author, Mary Ting's, first book.

Mary Ting's character, Claudia,will capture your heart and make you believe in angels. Let me start by saying, Crossroads is an interesting book. I think this may be the author, Mary Ting's, first book. Joann Buchanan, author of I Am Wolf/SharkRadio "Crossroadsis an exciting debut book with a rich paranormal mythology, unique angel-lore,forbidden romance, action, suspense and plot twists. With her detailed writingand a plot that flow wells, Mary created a world I enjoyed visiting, and astory that was hard to put down.

but then always seem to put me back in one! I love angels and YA books so this was a brilliant combination of both!

I really love these books by Author Mary Ting/M.

I really love these books by Author Mary Ting/M. Box-M./ref sr 1 12.

Contemporary Romance, Fantasy Book - Crossroads written by Mary Ting Read online free sample chapters. Based on a dream the author had in high school-chapter 1 & 2 Protecting her from the fallen was his duty. Falling in love was never part of his plan.

It was Gamma calling me, but I couldn’t see her. Where was I? My vision cleared as I looked around, only to realize that I was at the same unpaved road the Crossroads. Why were we here? Then I heard Gamma’s voice again. Where are you, Gamma?. I started walking around in circles, looking for her. I was about to give up when I saw her at a distance, inside the field. I shrieked in disbelief. She walked toward me with a horrified look in her eyes.

Read Crossroads, by Mary Ting online on Bookmate – Can two worlds collide in dreams?Crossroads, Between, Beyond . Crossroads, Between, Beyond, Eternity, Halo City-novella Protecting her from the fallen was his duty. Falling in love was never part of his plan

Read Crossroads, by Mary Ting online on Bookmate – Can two worlds collide in dreams?Crossroads, Between, Beyond, Eternity, Halo City-novella Protecting her from the fallen was his duty. Loving her was forbidden.

Great start to a promising series! Claudia's life is spiraling out of control. Her best friend, with ironically the same name, dies in a car accident. Then, her dreams pull her into the Crossroads. She meets Michael there and he is rude. She finds out he is a half angel and half human and that for some reason the Fallen are after her. Michael's job is to protect her, but he has feelings for her. His feelings are against the laws he lives by and it could mean terrible consequences for both of them.
I absolutely loved Michael from the start. He is so conflicted about loving Claudia that you can feel it. Claudia is just as gone for him. Michael's friends are wonderful and I adored each one of them. I think Davin was my favorite of all of them just because he is so 'in the moment'. I wasn't sure about Austin, but I think he is going to turn out ok. The story is great, taking place mainly in our world but a few glimpses into Crossroads. Claudia's life is important to all of the guardians and they will do whatever they have to, to protect her.
It was absolutely a 5/5 for me. And I've already started on the second book.
Claudia is an almost 18-year-old who finds herself able to travel in her dreams to a place called Crossroads, the not-quite-Heaven home of the half-human, half-angel Alkins. Human beings shouldn’t be able to do this, but the fact that she can endangers her, making her a target of the Fallen. She meets her guardian angel Michael and they fall in love, even though it’s forbidden. There are many ideas that are interesting in the premise of the book - angels, Fallen angels, the Alkins, etc. - but there are too many problems with the book.

The dialogue is awkward and the writing almost amateurish. Teenagers just don’t talk that way. It’s hard to get to know any of the characters well. While some things are over-explained, character descriptions are largely ignored. I don’t know what most of the characters look like, except Claudia having auburn hair being mentioned a couple of times. The character portrayals are not consistent either. Claudia should be the character we understand the most, since she is the narrator, yet she’s confusing. These fantastical things are happening to her, but she takes it in stride and is very accepting of it all. She goes from being terrified of her safety to doing unwise things that compromise her safety, like going to a party (several days after losing someone important to her), even though Michael tells her to stay put. Then she’s back to being distraught again several days after that at the funeral. It’s never explained why the funeral was almost two weeks after the death. During a battle, Claudia goes over a cliff and blacks out, expecting to die from the fall. When she wakes up, somehow having been saved by Michael, the first thing she thinks of is that she needs to thank him for her birthday gifts. Really, that’s the first thing to come to mind? You can understand how Claudia could fall for Michael, first for his looks and then for all of the sweet things that he does for her, and he is part angel after all, but it’s not clear what Michael sees in Claudia once he gets to know her, other than her smile. It’s the same for the other Alkins - they all love Claudia, but most of their interactions are just protecting her from the Fallen. What is it that makes them become friends? Another undeveloped detail - the book opens with the death of Claudia’s good friend, who shares her exact same first and last names. That death seems to be important, and I expected the connection of them having the same name to have something to do with the situation in which Claudia finds herself. However, by the end of the book, there are no more indications that this was important, so it’s just odd.

Unfortunately, the poorly developed story and awkward dialogue overshadow what could be an interesting idea. I wanted to like it, but struggled to finish.
Nothing personal
I did not enjoy the book at all. It seemed like a draft. Most of dialogues were over explained when the issue was an obvious joke or a simple conversation, but the complex matters of the plot were not enough developed. The main character goes through a lot, but accepts everything without effort. The story is ok, but the book in itself need more development. I will not read the next ones.
A tad bit better than The Gatekeeper’s Sons, it’s filled with body language, which was refreshing after that book.

All of the books so far in this Gods and Mortals box set have had great plots, great ideas but, the only one to actually pull it off this far is Elsker, the others have seriously been lacking.

Yet another book that I just couldn’t finish. Barely focuses on the plot, it’s just so tedious and seems to focus on the feelings. While that’s great and all, the plot is there for a reason, give it some of the lime light!

I thought that the friend who died with the same name as the protagonist would have had more of an impact, I mean that’s the first thing you hear about her in the teaser and when the book starts but, she’s hardly even mentioned.

Honestly, the way that teens are being written now, at least in the books I’ve been reading, is getting ridiculous. Do authors actually think that teens are as spacey and clueless as they write them? If I was still a teen, I’m not that much older, I would be offended.

Again, I have notes.

Okay, she’s in a shop and a dressing room door slams and she thinks it’s the wind. Then she says it must be the A/C…I don’t know about you but, every dressing room I’ve been in, the door is at least heavy enough to not slam by the A/C. Just how hard is that thing going? Or how thin are the dressing room doors?

Michael, her guardian angel, says he trained under Aden, the Fallen leader and she wonders how he could associate with someone as evil as him. Did she not hear Michael tell her about Aden and how he became Fallen? Does the things he tells her go in one ear and out the other?

And one last note, she tries to use a flashlight to fight, not once but twice. I’m sure if I had finished the book it would have been more than twice. Now, you may be thinking, “Wait? A flashlight is pretty sturdy, those things can do some damage.” Well, you would be right, they can do damage…if she was actually hitting them with it. Does she do that? No, she tries to use the light of the flashlight, twice, after it doesn’t work the first time.

I don’t know if I would really recommend this to anyone, it’s just full of unnecessary sentences and a lot of teen things. I know it’s a young adult novel but the plot is basically ignored and it’s just so long.