e-Book Big Town epub download

e-Book Big Town epub download

Author: Doug J. Swanson
ISBN: 0061092134
Publisher: Harpercollins; First Edition edition (February 1, 1995)
Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Size ePUB: 1950 kb
Size Fb2: 1469 kb
Size DJVU: 1119 kb
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 768
Format: doc rtf lrf lit
Subcategory: Literature

e-Book Big Town epub download

by Doug J. Swanson

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This second book by Doug Swanson did not suffer from a "sophomore slump. It is as funny as his first book (Big Town), but a little darker. The only fault I can find is a funny, but extraneous subplot with a couple of rather inept filmmakers. 2 people found this helpful.

A riveting debut featuring a hero readers will not soon forget. Jack Flippo was the hottest ticket in the Dallas DA's office until an affair with a drug dealer's wife ended his legal career. Now he's living above a garage and doing a less-than-reputable lawyer's snooping and legwork all over the big town.

Big Town" is Dallas, perched precariously between could-be and has-been. Big Town is Doug J. Swanson's relentlessly taut, darkly hilarious debut novel

Big Town is Dallas, perched precariously between could-be and has-been  . Big Town" is Dallas, perched precariously between could-be and has-been. Swanson's relentlessly taut, darkly hilarious debut novel. It shines a brilliant light into the dimmer corners of Dallas and introduces an extremely unlikely, extremely engaging hero, Jack Flippo. Jack Flippo was the hottest ticket in the Dallas DA's office until an affair with a "Big Town" is Dallas, perched precariously between could-be and has-been.

June 1995 : UK Paperback.

At the request of the injured wife, cheesy lawyer Hal Roper tabs sometime op Jack Flippo-an ex-assistant . whose life took a sharp turn for the worse after he got seduced by a drug-dealer's wife-to get the goods (glossies, audiotape) on philandering Buddy George, J. s rendezvous with teenaged manicurist Sharronda Simms.

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Doug J. Swanson is an American writer of suspense and crime books and journalist. He is known as the author of mystery novels featuring Jake Flippo, a private investigator working in Dallas, Texas. Doug J. Swanson published his first novel about a private investigator Jake Flippo in 1994. In ‘Big Town’, its main character lost his job at the district attorney’s office after he was discovered having sexual relations with the wife of a prominent drug dealer. In ‘Dreamboat’ which followed the next year, Flippo was a private investigator working insurance-fraud cases.

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When down-and-out private detective Jack Flippo falls for a woman at the center of a web of blackmail and murder, he finds himself implicated in the very case he has been hired to solve. Reprint.
Jack Flippo is a young man with a bright future. He's married, living in a nice home and is a rising star in the Dallas, Texas DA's office, where Jack is employed as an Assistant DA. Then he makes the age-old mistake of sleeping with the wrong woman, who, unbeknownst to Jack, is actually the wife of a drug dealer currently being prosecuted by the DA. Suddenly, Jack is divorced, living in a crappy excuse for a house, and attempting to eek out a living as a wedding photographer and part-time unlicensed PI.

A sleezeball attorney attorney named Hal is retained by a woman claiming to be the wife of Buddy George, Jr., a motivational speaker who's making a pile of money encouraging people to improve their lot in life. The woman gives the attorney the room number of the hotel where Buddy will be entertaining a Sweet Young Thing named Sharronda following his evening's motivational presentation, and the attorney hires Jack to take the room next door and get the recordings that will enable the voluptuous Mrs. George to sue for divorce.

Jack is up for the challenge and sets up his equipment. But then things suddenly go wrong on a number of fronts and Jack finds himself under serious threat from the police, from the aforementioned Mr. George, from the lawyer's stunning client, and from a would-be tough guy and aspiring talk show host named Teddy Deuce who serves as muscle for Hal, the attorney.

It all makes for a very entertaining romp. Even though Jack's life is in the crapper, he still has his standards; he's still smart and funny as hell, and you can't help rooting for the guy. The supporting cast feels like it stepped out of a Carl Hiaasen novel by way of Elmore Leonard, and the story moves along at just the right pace.

First published in 1994, this is the first in what would ultimately become a six-book series featuring Jack Flippo. All in all, it's a fun read that will appeal to large numbers of people who enjoy their crime fiction on the somewhat lighter side.
I met the author at a local library in Dallas and gave his book a try.

It's a fast-paced book that I finished in one sitting. The characters are somewhat well defined, and the language is good. The book is enjoyable.

The big hole in this book is locale. The title, the cover and the cover-notes make a big deal about the story being based in Dallas. In my opinion, as someone living in Dallas, there is nothing in the story that precludes it from being placed in any city, or even any small town. Sure, there are a few Dallas references thrown around, but one doesn't get a feel for the city. The author doesn't linger on anything. No descriptions of places, or of people living in this city. No local issues talked about. Its a book without local flavor.

Another peeve.. the chapters are too short.
This book is great, even better when you consider it is the author's 1st published work. Like my title states, fans of Carl Hiassen will probably like this book. Further proof is that Hiaasen himself compliments the book on the front cover.
"Big Town" shares Hiaasen trademarks: eccentric but believable characters, a brisk pace, snappy dialogue, and more twists than a pretzel factory. To my astonishment, I may even like this Swanson book BETTER than most of Hiaasen's work for one main reason: ambiguity. In most Hiaasen books, the good guys and bad guys are pretty clear cut while in Big Town I did not know literally until the last page who was zooming who.
It is a real shame Swanson's earlier books are out of print. As I have discovered, they are definitely worth seeking out.
There's a laid-back mood that characterises this book and courtesy Swanson's unique style ,it's quite infectious.
Although it was a tad bit exaggerated, I absolutely loved the character of Teddy Deuce.But this book never hit the heights of being "thoroughly enjoyable" or absorbing and it was dissapointingly easy to put it down to do something else whenever I felt like it.
It also ended a bit abruptly- i'm not quite sure whether or not that was the idea- and that didn't rub off right on me.
Ultimately it was better than mediocre but WAY off excellent.
Meet Jack, the kind of detective character you'll enjoy coming back to time and time again. Jack is real, the setting is real and the plot if wholly believable. Nothing plastic, or insincere. If you like the genre, you'll really like Jack.