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e-Book Ghost Valley (The Last Gunfighter, Book 3) epub download

e-Book Ghost Valley (The Last Gunfighter, Book 3) epub download

Author: William W. Johnstone
ISBN: 0786013249
Publisher: Pinnacle (March 1, 2001)
Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Size ePUB: 1715 kb
Size Fb2: 1714 kb
Size DJVU: 1281 kb
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 342
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Subcategory: Literature

e-Book Ghost Valley (The Last Gunfighter, Book 3) epub download

by William W. Johnstone

I started at the beginning with The Drifter, then went to Reprisal, and just this week finished book three, Ghost Valley.

Book in the The Last Gunfighter Series). by William W. Johnstone. When Frank Logan's son is kidnapped, he rides out after the gang of outlaws. But just as he gets close to his prey, he comes upon a ghost town nestled into a Rocky Mountain valley. For Logan, the mystery of this town-and of a deadly spirit that haunts it-takes second fiddle to what's brought him here.

William W. New York Times bestselling author William W. Johnstone continues his masterful storytelling with The Last Gunfighter-a boldly authentic series about lawmen, outlaws, and the innocents caught in between. The Valley of the Shadow. Outlaws have taken Frank Logan’s son, and with all the good gunfighting men either dead or dying, Logan knows he’ll be riding after the kidnappers alone. But just as he gets close to the men he’s hunting, he comes upon a ghost town nestled into a Rocky Mountain valley.

THE GREATEST WESTERN WRITERS OF THE 21ST CENTURY New York Times bestselling author William W. The Valley of the Shadow Outlaws have taken Frank Logan’s son, and with all the good gunfighting men either dead or dying, Logan knows he’ll be riding after the kidnappers alone.

by William W.

THE GREATEST WESTERN WRITERS OF THE 21ST CENTURY New York Times bestselling author William W. Johnstone continues.

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SKU: LG03P Category: Last Gunfighter Book Series. Outlaws have taken Frank Morgan’s son, and with all the good gun-fighting men either dead or dying, Morgan knows he’ll be riding after the kidnappers alone. Additional information. But just as he gets close to the men he’s hunting, he comes upon a ghost town nestled into the Rocky Mountain valley. For Morgan, the mystery of what happened to the town – and of the deadly spirit that haunts it – has to take second fiddle to what’s brought him this far.

The bestselling novels of William W. Johnstone's "Last Gunfighter" series rank among the most boldly authentic portrayals of the American West and the indomitable men and women who carved out a place there. A coal-oil lamp lit up the room, illuminating the faces of hard men gathered inside the shack. Here’s your prize, Cletus said, aiming a thumb at Conrad Browning. Ned Pine nodded his ear?. Diego had to cut it off to keep him quiet. He was makin’ too damn much noise. What happened to Diego Ponce?. Victor Vanbergen gave Cletus a one-sided grin. You can be one mean hombre, Cletus. Cletus looked around the shack. I don’t take shit off nobody. Now, where’s this kid’s old man? An’ where’s my ten thousand dollars?.

Listen to books in audio format. A ruthless outlaw named Cicero McCoy has buried a fortune in stolen bank money in a harsh, desolate little piece of hell known as Ambush Valley. To get Cicero to lead him to the loot, Frank has become Cicero's new best friend behind bars-and co-plotter of a daring breakout

While on his way to rescue his son from ruthless outlaws, Frank Logan stumbles upon a ghost town where a deadly spirit lurks and decides to lure the kidnappers to this cursed place to exact revenge. Original.
I normally enjoy the Johnstone books. This was the second after Frank found his unknown son Conrad. In the first book, Frank didn't know he had a son. It appeared that another man married the mother of his child and raised him without Conrad knowing he had a real father. He finally finds out and hates his new father, Frank. In the next books, the story seems to change and he tells stories he's been told about Frank not wanting him and abandoning him. Whatever, the inconsistency is hard to read. But the real ripoff is that this book is basically half plagiarized from Reprisal (if an author can plagiarized his own work.) Every other chapter comes directly from Reprisal. Some scenes were the same, but names were simply changed. I read Reprisal and did not need to read half of it again. I should have gotten this book for half price. The story is good to read when your not reading the chapters from the other book again. I will read the next book in the series and if it is the same, I will say goodbye to Frank Morgan, The Last Gunfighter, and maybe William W. Johnstone and his "ghost writer."
Be prepared, this has a lot of flashbacks into the life of Frank Morgan prior to this story. For me, it didn't distract from this story as I understand that the first-time reader needs to have some kind of idea as to what has went before & it makes this a stand-alone book. I didn't let it bother me...I just skimmed over what I already knew.
Frank Morgan, is in Glenwood Springs, Colorado Territory & is seeking Ned Pine & Victor Vanbergen who along with their gangs were responsible for his wife, Vivian's death & the kidnapping of his son Conrad. Unfortunately for Frank, the men who have fallen under his gun continue to march through his mind both when he's awake & in his dreams. In search of a soft bed, a bath & a good meal Frank stops at the Gold Miner's Lodge. He's tired...getting too old for this life & he makes himself a promise that after Pine & Vanbergen he will pack his guns away for good.
I look forward to the day when Frank can hog tie Conrad long enough for him to hear the truth about the past & there are several times when I would like to smack the crap out of that spoiled, know-it-all kid.
So, we will soon learn that nothing is ever easy for Frank & this will be no exception. A cleanly written, further adventure into the life & times of famous gunfighter Frank Morgan. I look forward to many more because they are an excellent way to spend some down time away from the hustle & bustle of life.
I really like Johnstone's books and I've read most of them. This one disappointed me because over half the book was taken verbatum out of the previous book. I realize someone that hasn't read the two previous books can't follow along as well, but I didn't expect to have to quickly scan through over a hundred pages of things I just read in Reprisal. I read The Drifter and realized it carried on to Reprisal. When I finished Reprisal I immediately bought Ghost Valley. I suppose the main reason it bothers me so much is, I read all three books in 2 days. If I run into that again, I'll scratch this author off of my list to read.
Complete waste of tine and money. Half the book is a reprint of book two in the series. The other half is just a recycle of the plot of yhe second book.
The story continuity is all over the place. Frank met the writer in the first book, but doesn’t remember him here. There is constant references to ‘but that was years ago’ and yet from the story line, not much time gas passed (the son is still ‘a boy’?).
Frank found the dog in the second book, and yet he says that they’ve been together for a long time. And there is mention that the dog is getting on in years?
Johnstone should have been a bank robber. Over 60% of this book was simply copy and pasted from his previous book Reprisal. In many instances he Copy/Pasted as the Drifter was 'remembering'. In other instances he Copy/Pasted and simply changed the names. E.g. Tin Pan became Buck. Very disappointing.
Hopefully it was a kindle only problem, but if this book was written as I read, it was terrible. Half the book was exact, almost entire chapter, flashbacks word for word from the prequel. Hard to follow with what's actually happening in real time. Even some on the content not from the previous book was copied word for from from other areas with nothing but a name change to the antagonist. I've read all available kindle editions of Last Mountain Man and thus far they've been good even if the settings were always similar. I'll overlook this catastrophe and give his next in the series one more chance.
Mr. Johnson I settled down to read another of your fine books and found it to be pretty captivating through most of it with loads of flash backs until Morgan woke up from another binder and got back to searching for his son. The inclusion of Tin Pan and Red and his pretty daughter was good but then it dragged on to a dumb spooky ending.
The book is written as if Johnston hadn’t written the previous books in the series. Flashbacks turned into “filler” chapters. Ugh! Way too much profanity. Way too much focus on killing people. And then the fantasy Indians! Pretty poor!