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e-Book Golden Fleece epub download

e-Book Golden Fleece epub download

Author: Robert J. Sawyer
ISBN: 0312868650
Pages: 224 pages
Publisher: Tor Books; 1st edition (November 5, 1999)
Language: English
Category: United States
Size ePUB: 1830 kb
Size Fb2: 1113 kb
Size DJVU: 1918 kb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 901
Format: mbr lit azw lrf
Subcategory: Literature

e-Book Golden Fleece epub download

by Robert J. Sawyer

Aboard Argo, a colonization ship bound for Eta Cephei IV, people are very close--there's no other choice. So when Aaron Rossman's ex-wife dies in what seems to be a bizarre accident, everyone offers their sympathy, politely keeping their suspicions of suicide to themselves. But Aaron cannot simply accept her death. He must know the truth: Was it an accident, or did she commit suicide? When Aaron discovers the truth behind her death, he is faced with a terrible secret--a secret that could cost him his life.
I really enjoyed Robert J. Sawyer's Golden Fleece!

A ship is making a huge journey across space with crowds of people and supplies aboard, to a world many lightyears distant. Running the vessel is Jason, one of several intelligent computers made throughout the world to help Man. Except the one on this trip makes HAL from 2001 seem like a running calculator!

The story starts with a murder. Diane, who has discovered "something" that the computer wants kept quiet. Aaron the ex, who is blamed for the killing, even though it was an apparent accident, because he drove her to suicide.

The rest of the story tries to exonerate Aaron's good name and in the process he discovers too the computer's secret. A secret that is to make a big impact in a big way on the unsuspecting colonists.

Quite a story. Suspensful and you don't know the "secret" until near the end of the book.

The theme of keeping secrets is peppered throughout the story. Aaron is adopted but in his quest to find his biological parents he makes a shocking discovery (lots of flashbacks in this story).

There are several such things ... Secrets kept, some revealed. All tied up by a shocking, satisfying ending.

Sawyer's early novels are frankly much better than his current release, a failed comedy called Red Planet Blues. Avoid. Read instead about these Argonauts and their search for the Golden Fleece.
The Argo is a colonization ship on its way to Eta Cephei IV with more than ten thousand humans aboard. But this is no sleeper ship. Everyone is awake and engaged in a variety of tasks, mission-related and otherwise. All of this activity is coordinated by JASON, the artificial intelligence that runs everything on the Argo.

The story begins as JASON murders crew member Diana Chandler and is nearly successful in making it look like suicide. Diana's ex-husband Aaron Rossman believes that Diana has killed herself because of his actions. His affair during the final months of their marriage was not a secret as he believed. Aaron gradually sees past his grief and deduces that Diana was murdered. Eventually we all learn the secret she was murdered to protect.

JASON is a bit like HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but has more humans to talk with. And lie to. Sawyer gives us a consistent and intriguing portrayal of an advanced AI program with nearly unlimited observational data about human beings and limited experience with which to interpret it. Telling the story from JASON's point of view was a good decision and is well executed.

This is a good story, well told. Like some of Sawyer's other books, this one was written to explore an idea--artificial intelligence, in this case--as well as to entertain. It does both well. It is interesting to compare JASON's malevolent influence in this book to Heinlein's more benevolent but equally secretive Mike that controls Luna City in The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. Both have similar spans of control and are na├»ve in their understanding of humans. But they act quite differently.
Golden Fleece

Some might say that Golden Fleece (1999) is a simple murder mystery, but, if they'd dig deeper, they'd find it explores the philosophy of a sentient computer, the sociology of a space voyage that lasts over one hundred years.

The dictionary defines sentient as an adjective
Etymology: Latin sentient-, sentiens, present participle of sentire to perceive, feel
1 : responsive to or conscious of sense impressions <sentient beings>

Can a computer be sentient?

Instead of a "Who-done-It," it is a "Why-did-they-do it" The murderer is revealed in Chapter One. The motive for the murder is the mystery.

The rest of the book explores the sentience of the computer, Jason.

Highly recommended for Sawyer fans. This was originally copyrighted in 1990, so it is one of his earliest works.

Gunner May,2007
Golden Fleece (Paperback) by Robert J. Sawyer

Meh. Not terribly clever nor original. It was, at least, interesting enough to read through, but nothing Earth shattering really. *shrugs* Moving on...
As someone with career long interest in both human consciousness and AI consciousness I have been going through every single one of Robert Sawyer's novels. I have greatly enjoyed every single one and recommend them all. I have several more to go and am reading more slowly because I don't want to finish. Golden Fleece was his first novel and even it is very impressive. Sawyer's knowledge is vast and his writing skill keeps you glued to the pages, unless your brain gets a little tired thinking. Yes, thinking is encouraged and allowed. Joy! And very likable characters you care about....
Easy to see why the book that launched his career was so successful. Rogue AIs are nothing new now, but few come with the twist Sawyer applies to his. Much food for thought remains after the story is finished. The only thing that could be better would be a sequel to find out, as he concludes, who gets to the planet first, the Argonauts or the aliens.