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e-Book Death in Autumn (Atlantic Large Print Series) epub download

e-Book Death in Autumn (Atlantic Large Print Series) epub download

Author: Magdalen Nabb
ISBN: 0893409545
Pages: 239 pages
Publisher: John Curley & Assoc (March 1, 1986)
Language: English
Category: Mystery
Size ePUB: 1667 kb
Size Fb2: 1552 kb
Size DJVU: 1977 kb
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 402
Format: azw lrf mobi lrf
Subcategory: Mystery

e-Book Death in Autumn (Atlantic Large Print Series) epub download

by Magdalen Nabb

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Magdalen Nabb (16 January 1947 – 18 August 2007) was a British author, best known for the Marshal Guarnaccia detective novels. Born in Church, a village near Accrington in Lancashire as Magdalen Nuttal, she was educated at the Convent Grammar School, Bury, before going on to art college in Manchester, where she studied arts and pottery, which she taught in an art school. In 1975 she moved to Florence in Italy with her son, Liam, even through she didn't speak Italian

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Magealen Nabb writes great books, mystery stories combined with the details of Italian life. The details of life and the reality of the characters and different personalities make Nabb's books in a different category from a mystery you just read once; these are the books I keep for life to reread.
Magdalen weaves a beautiful story of the Captain and Marshal. It keeps you guessing, often wrongly.
Hilda is a fascinating character. Her friend, the night porter, is a tragic figure. The story drew me right along, searching for answers..I'm ready for my next Nabb book.
I can't believe the other reviewer read the same book. There is no Florentine atmosphere whatsoever in this book and the Marshal is indistinguishable from his captain and neither has much of a sense of humor. She uses so many Britishisms that the story might as well have taken place in London. I haven't a clue how the caribinieri are organized and the author doesn't enlighten us. I keep confusing the captain with the marshal and vice versa. I usually breeze through mysteries but this one is tough slogging. I was 2/3 of the way through before I even got interested. I had hoped for a series featuring a detective the likes of Camilieri's Montalbano or Leon's Brunetti. They are smart, witty, compassionate and reflect the character and charm of their respective territories (Sicily and Venice). Very disappointed.
This is my third read by this author and the series (I accidentally got the 4th in the book instead of the 3rd, but I'm glad for it). I'm glad that there is some development of the writing and police procedural element from Books 1 & 2, which was a real struggle to read and not always well-executed. By the 4th book, Nabb has found a better footing on how to interweave and layer the mystery plot and its various threads more adeptly and in a more interesting way; though, like in the other two I've read in this series, some of the details can get a bit muddled towards the middle and end of the story but it wasn't as bad as the other two.

As always, the Italian backdrop is almost as interesting as the plot itself but this time, it was a compliment rather than the main standout. Nabb's ability to transport you to Florence and its environs is quite graceful and natural. She has clearly immersed herself in the nuances of the culture and color and uses her knowledge with great effect. The ending was a bit of a surprise, and atypical, and somewhat unsatisfying for me but different and unique.

While we have Marshal Guarnaccia as our main 'star', in this story, we have the Captain's POV to give the plot some variation, which I didn't mind, as he does the more typical 'police' work with the Marshal more of a thinker and gut-instinct type of police work. In that, it was a nice compliment--like 2 sides of the same person. That said, if you're looking for a strong male MC that develops with each story, you will be woefully disappointed. There is very little overall development of any characters. And there isn't much growth, or insight into Guarnaccia himself, and who he is outside the mystery as well as evolving from each experience and, for the most part, stays the same. I don't like a whole lot of drama outside the mystery element, I would like a better balance of the plot and personal growth of Guarnaccia as I feel that a character that remains static throughout a series as to be bland, lazy, and less interesting.

Ultimately, a decent read and I will continue but so far, this series as been in the middle of the road. Nothing too exciting or outside the box but if you're classical mystery lover, this series will be a good fit for you.
First Sentence: Dawn still hadn't broken and the river water lapping the sides of the black rubber dinghy was of the same darkness as the sky except for a path of moving light coming from a lamp attached to the dinghy's side.

The body of a middle-aged, woman, wearing only jewelry and a fur coat, is found floating in the river. Marshal Salvatore Guarnaccia of the Carabinieri and Captain Maestrangelo must work together to find the identity of the woman and her killer.

This book is not my favorite of the series. I do wish authors would avoid portents, but that is a particular irritant of mine.

Because both Marshal and the Captain worked the case, I often found myself confused as to who was doing what, when. We get bits and pieces about Marshal, but not really a fully-developed picture. What we do get is intriguing. He is married, has a child, is allergic to sunlight, and a dogged investigator. One thing I did particularly like in this book was seeing his humanity and particular concern for all the young men in this story.

The plot was interesting. It went places that were completely unexpected, particularly the ending, which was very different from the norm.

Nabb's sense of place is not as strong as some authors, but it is there and her love of Italy is apparent from her writing. There is a subtlety to her writing that I do enjoy.

While this may not have been, what I'd consider to be, her best book, I enjoyed it and will continue on with the series.
As an American who grew up in Italy and travels there annually I am drawn to books set in my adopted homeland, and after a positive review of a number of this author's books in the NY Times Book Review I tracked them down and read this one first. As a mystery it's first rate. No argument there. It is short, with little spare prose and a decent page turner. I wasn't likely to put it down before I found out whodunnit. But if it's Florentine atmosphere you are looking for, it's completely absent here. This mystery could have been set anywhere in the world, or any nameless city. And that, to me, is a mystery. Why is there so little of Florence in this book? Why is there so little of Italian police/detective work here? This book never transported me to Florence, let alone Italy. And that is a shame. I have read other police dramas set in NY (Ed McBain), Tokyo and The Netherlands (The Corpse On The Dike) that are filled with all-knowing atmosphere. You won't be disappointed at the mystery in this book, but you may be disappointed at the lack of "Florence" here.