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e-Book They Found Atlantis epub download

e-Book They Found Atlantis epub download

Author: Dennis Wheatley
ISBN: 0099105802
Pages: 352 pages
Publisher: ARROW BKS.; 9th THUS edition (December 1953)
Language: English
Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Size ePUB: 1752 kb
Size Fb2: 1953 kb
Size DJVU: 1273 kb
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 413
Format: rtf mobi doc mbr
Subcategory: Mystery

e-Book They Found Atlantis epub download

by Dennis Wheatley

THEY FOUND ATLANTISBY DENNIS WHEATLEYCamilla trembled. Читать онлайн They Found Atlantis. Of course-I remember hearing about Beebe's book "Half Mile Down".

THEY FOUND ATLANTISBY DENNIS WHEATLEYCamilla trembled. There is a hope for us then. There is a hope?''A faint one, no more.

There is a hope for us then. A faint one, no more. Zakar or his companions had actually used the map we found and marked all sorts of things upon it. There is a hope?' 'A faint one, no more. The waterlogged galleries and chambers are clearly etched in. This road to the upper world which he tried to clear had many notes beside it. Lul-luma translated them for me. They show the place he drove the beast men that he had under his control into clearing great falls of rock, sometimes several yards in length

Atlantis: for centuries the magic of that name has haunted man's imagination. Ahead lies the silence of the unknown Deeps – and a nightmare of terror and betrayal.

Atlantis: for centuries the magic of that name has haunted man's imagination. Its destination: the final resting place of the ancient gold-encrusted city – one mile beneath the surface of the sea. For the lovely Camilla and her band of adventurers the days to come are full of danger.

Dennis Wheatley has conceived one of the most amazing tales since the days of Jules Verne and Wells . Dennis Wheatley died on 11th November 1977. During his life he wrote over 70 books and sold over 50 million copies. Библиографические данные. boredom vanishes with the wave of Wheatley's magic pe. -Los Angeles Times. They Found Atlantis Lost World.

A Note on the Author. Dennis Wheatley was my grandfather. He only had one child, my father Anthony, from his first marriage to Nancy Robinson. Nancy was the youngest in a large family of ten Robinson children and she had a wonderful zest for life and a gaiety about her that I much admired as a boy brought up in the dull Seventies.

They Found Atlantis book. With the conclusion to this book I have now read the entire collection of Dennis Wheatley published by Heron books. To have finished with this adventure story was absolutely devine. How I wish a Hollywood producer would pick this one up and turn it into a film.

Portrait by Allan Warren. Dennis Yates Wheatley 8 January 1897(1897-01-08) London, England. Dennis Wheatley was born in South London to Albert David and Florence Elizabeth Harriet Wheatley (née Baker). He was the eldest of three children of an upper middle class family, the owners of Wheatley & Son of Mayfair, a wine business.

They Found Atlantis - Dennis Wheatley. Dominic Wheatley, 2013. Do join the Dennis Wheatley mailing list to keep abreast of all things new for Dennis Wheatley

They Found Atlantis - Dennis Wheatley. Do join the Dennis Wheatley mailing list to keep abreast of all things new for Dennis Wheatley.

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Though it is an exciting read, THEY FOUND ATLANTIS would have been better had Wheatley left out the plot to cheat an heiress and concentrated on the wonderful adventure of people discovering the remnants of Atlantis after their diving bell's cable breaks. As it is the adventurers don't really get to Atlantis until more than halfway into the story, leaving little time to develop that part of the plot. And, one gets a bit uncomfortable at the way the people of Atlantis had intermarried over the years. THEY FOUND ATLANTIS is a pretty good story, but for a really great novel about the lost continent Conan Doyle did it much better in THE MARACOT DEEP a decade earlier. It's interesting to compare the differing ideas on how the sunken continent survived underwater.
If this book were entitled "They Didn't Actually Use Dark Forces But There Was A Lot Of Excitement, Courage And Interestingly-Applied Psychology" it would be more accurate.

Worth reading, but don't expect more than an above-average adventure yarn.
I read this when I was a kid and it really impressed me: derring-do, occult thrills, a hot dame, and Adolf Hitler. I dipped into it again years later and discovered a fairly pedestrian thriller, but if you're young and looking for seemingly arcane and forbidden reading, this will fill the bill. I read several other Wheatleys and this was, for my teenage (well, pre-teen) money, the best. It spurred a life-long interest in the occult. Though I remain a skeptic, I love reading about the mountebanks and charlatans who populate its byways. "They Used Dark Forces" boasts a nasty magus clearly based on Aleister Crowley, who was a thousand times more interesting than his fictional counterpart here. Still and all, good fun for an undemanding (or naive) reader....
This book, published in the 1930s, is somewhat different Wheatley fare. For one thing, it's unusually imaginative, with Wheatley's descriptions of aquatic and other life found by the protagonists during deep-sea explorationn in quest of lost Atlantis believable and lively. Likewise enjoyable is the adventure the characters undergo when, saved by chance from stultifying death on the ocean floor, they encounter a race of horrible, fish-eating humanoids who chase them until they finally reach the lost island of Atlantis, now existing in a submerged but beautiful state, with a race of pleasure loving, peaceful survivors. The legend of Atlantis has fascinated many, and the book reveals how even decades ago people believed the lost continent to have stood on what is now the Azores. They Found Atlantis demonstrates the fascination that continues until today with the tale of a perfect world that was destroying itself before being destroyed.
I've read other Wheatley Novels in the more traditional way and this one was not up to his usual standards. It was slow moving, unimaginative, and I finally had to throw it on the rubbish heap. Nick Mercer is the worst reader I've stumbled across. Absolutely Dreadful. He sounds like a British Fop most of the time and took a poor book and made it bad. I will be on the look out for his readings and avoid them like the plague.
Using the Satanic occult in an attempt to bring down Hitler in WWII?
It's always fun when an author uses alternative means as to the fall of Nazi Germany or a parallel dimension to it's surival.
Here Dennis Wheatley uses one of the more famous events to portray his story. The fall of Hitler and the reason behind it, duping Hitler to believe that he will be ressurected as a superbeing that would rule the world. As if he wasn't trying to already.
A little dark for those with a weak stomach but you soon get use to it.