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e-Book The Sinners epub download

e-Book The Sinners epub download

Author: Elizabeth Flaherty
ISBN: 0615609678
Pages: 390 pages
Publisher: Little B's Briefcase (June 17, 2012)
Language: English
Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Size ePUB: 1652 kb
Size Fb2: 1894 kb
Size DJVU: 1951 kb
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 686
Format: azw rtf lit doc
Subcategory: Mystery

e-Book The Sinners epub download

by Elizabeth Flaherty

Moreover, Flaherty handles this large cast of characters really well with just enough development on each without ever losing sight of plot or pace.

Moreover, Flaherty handles this large cast of characters really well with just enough development on each without ever losing sight of plot or pace. Overall, this is a solid first effort by this new author, and I look forwar The Sinners jumps right into the action in this deserted Arizona hotel and has the reader asking questions from the get-go, wondering who these characters are and what the heck is going on; the suspense continues and never drags throughout this fast-paced, well-crafted novel.

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In a desolate section of the Arizona desert, a hotel rises from the arid earth, created by the infinite hate of a young woman who has reached out from beyond the grave to avenge her ruined life. Amy Light chooses seven sinners for the hotel. The seven have only one thing in common: they each bear some responsibility for the young woman’s death. Now she will do whatever it takes to see that they join her in Hell. As night falls on the first night in the hotel, a sudden storm brings flooding rains, violent thunder and lightning. Within the protection of the storm, Amy awaits her chance at the ultimate revenge.
The Sinners is story that reminded me, and also a character in the story of Agatha Christie's ... And Then There Were None. But the author takes the basic premise of that story and modernizes and adds a spice of the supernatural. It is extremely well executed. The book has no lulls, and each chapter brings you deeper and deeper into the plot, with superb pace that makes you want to read on. I actually missed a subway stop this morning, as I was locked into the prose.

What really makes this novel work, first and foremost is the characters; some you will like, some you will hate, but you will not be indifferent to any of them. Each is given a sufficient background that combined with their actions makes them very real. The tension mounts as characters begin to die, divsions are formed and romance and relationships commence. There are several revelations that unfold and the intrigue mounts. It is all these factors that make The Sinners a top noth thrill ride that escalates to the very last page.

I enjoyed this so much, I got the author's other book, and will read that probably next.
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In the very first paragraph of this remarkable story, Flaherty reaches up from the page and unceremoniously grabs hold of you, as if to say, "Don't bother to resist, you're coming with me," after which you are completely wired into her creative consciousness. You are no longer in control at the point, you are helplessly locked inside of her head, and thus deprived of your free will, you MUST at all costs finish her story. (Luckily, however, this might actually help you sometime later in life, say, if some bad person wants to punish you for the consequences of your having read this amazing book.)

But not to worry, because you will truly relish the wild ride you take after that first paragraph and those first few pages.

So, just let go and enjoy it.

The only problem is ... that when the story ends, you will be left craving more, more, more. But then, it is almost as if Flaherty were already inside of YOUR head, smiling at her cleverness and your predictability, because she knew all along that this would happen to you. And to your total surprise, she then accommodates you -- with more (but not that much more), in the form of the introductory chapters from her forthcoming novel.

Pretty insidious, I think, because now you have been hooked once again, and like me, you will be wondering the Earth in a stupor in the coming months, waiting for that new craving to be satisfied.
This book sucks you in from the start. It is a modern day revenge story where the punishment involves the seven deadly sins. The book is fast paced and is viewed from multiple characters. You won't want to put it down until you see how it ends. I look forward to more from this author and recommend her second book, "Vendetta", as well.
The Sinners by Elizabeth Flaherty is a work of fantasy fiction that I would recommend highly. As a hotel rises from the barren ground the author spins a tale of murder and suspense. Why are specific people invited to the hotel? Why are their rooms decorated in a specific way? Who is killing the guests? Why? Will the last two guests survive? This is a book that you will not want to put down until the very last page. The writing is excellent.
Good combination of different aspects of religion and horror. Fast paced and over too soon. Easy read with short chapters that kept you saying "just one more before I put it down" and you never do - you just keep reading.
This whole concept of this book was very interesting to me. There was an overlay of religion/morality with vengeance that really worked well. It is fast paced but there is some really good character development. I worked up a good hate for some of the people in this book. A quick but very worthy read.
Although I don't generally read this genre, it was so well written that I readily suspended disbelief and bought the writer's premise.The Sinners was a great read and well worth staying up till 2 am so I could finish it.
Really enjoyed this book. The author set it up so you can put it down and pick up again later without missing a beat. Left me thinking and wanting to talk about it's storyline when I was finished. Looking forward to this author's next book!