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e-Book Eyes of Prey (A Prey Novel) epub download

e-Book Eyes of Prey (A Prey Novel) epub download

Author: John Sandford
ISBN: 0425214435
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons (March 6, 2007)
Language: English
Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Size ePUB: 1830 kb
Size Fb2: 1485 kb
Size DJVU: 1503 kb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 479
Format: mbr mobi lrf lrf
Subcategory: Mystery

e-Book Eyes of Prey (A Prey Novel) epub download

by John Sandford

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This is the third book in John Sandford's long-running series featuring Lucas Davenport, and it features probably the most vile and complex villain of the entire series. Actually, there are two major bad guys. One is much more intelligent and much scarier than the other and, not surprisingly, he is the one pulling the strings in a series of murders inspired by the old Alfred Hitchcock film, "Strangers on a Train. Jul 08, 2018 Julie rated it it was amazing.

It was a relatively minor criminal matter, all things considered, but enough that the . Marshals obtained a warrant to enter the home. They didn't expect to unearth trophies from a score of killings. Now Davenport is on the trail of a serial murderer, one who was able to operate for years without notice or suspicion Категор.

John Sandford, real name John Roswell Camp (born February 23, 1944), is a New York Times best-selling author, American novelist, a former journalist and recipient of the Pulitzer Prize. His mother's family was German and Lithuanian. He received a bachelor's degree in American history and literature and a master's in journalism, both from the University of Iowa.

Lucas Davenport s first case as a . marshal takes him into unexplored territory, in the thrilling new novel in the "New York Times" bestselling Prey series. Thanks to some very influential people whose lives he s saved, Lucas Davenport has a new job. He is a . marshal, but not just any marshal one with unusual scope.

Neon Prey (A Prey Novel). Clayton Deese looks like a small-time criminal, muscle for hire when his loan shark boss needs to teach someone a lesson. Now, seven months after a job that went south and landed him in jail, Deese has skipped out on bail, and the . Marshals come looking for him. They don't much care about a low-level guy-it's his boss they want-but Deese might be their best chance to bring down the whole operation. Then, they step onto a dirt trail behind Deese's rural Louisiana cabin and find a jungle full of graves.

To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate. Lucas Davenport Series (John Sandford/Prey Novels).

John Sandford Synopses: In Silent Prey (book 4 of the Prey series), An old nemesis of Lt. Davenport’s has broken out of jail (and rather easily too). In Dead Watch, John Winter is selected to investigate the death of a former Republican senator, who had a notable enemy in the governor of Virginia

Lucas Davenport, "one of the best hard-case cops on the crime scene today" (Houston Post) returns in John Sandford's #1 New York Times bestselling Prey series...Lieutenant Davenport’s sanity was nearly shattered by two murder investigations. Now he faces something worse…Two killers. One hideously scarred. The other strikingly handsome, a master manipulator fascinated with all aspects of death. The dark mirror of Davenport’s soul…This is the case that will bring Davenport back to life. Or push him over the edge. With a New Introduction by John Sandford
This, the third book in the Davenport series, i.e. the “Prey series,” and as with the first two novels the personality of the primary characters as was well as the tone of future books are being established.

In this one we find a much younger Lucas which is one of the things I like about the Prey series...the author allows his characters grow and age as each books is released. Here we find a Lucas who is establishing himself as a pretty violent no nonsense character who is not beyond bending the rules just a bit. We also find a Lucas who is a bit of a womanizer.

We have two very, very evil villains in this one – both serial killers, who have teamed up and gone into business together. This creates many twists and turns and surprises in the story and at times you never really know who the bad guy(s) are and who the good ones are. As you read the book you soon realize that not all is as it seems.

Action is good here and almost non stop. Pay attention to the end because this particular story has not been finished.

It is good if you can read these novels in order of publication (something I did not do) but on the other hand each is most certainly a stand-alone novel as the author gives you plenty of back ground as each book is finished.

This is a very good series and has given me much reading enjoyment over the years.
Rollers from Abdun
Another very good thriller by John Sandford
The novel revolves around two sadistic, psychotic serial killers who work in tandem. One, a drug addicted pathologist; the other, a small time local actor. Their crimes are brutal and on their trail of crime is Sandford’s protagonist, Det. Lucas Davenport.
The book is pretty much a page turner. It moves at a steady pace and contains no fluff. All is straightforward and to the point. Its very early on in the “Prey” series, but holds its own very well.

An epilogue is tacked on at the end. The main story, being ended; the epilogue serves to not only tidy up the characters lives going forward, it also provides a good twist in tying up a loose end in the story.
Eyes of Prey is the third of John Sandford's 'Prey' series.
The lead character is Lucas Davenport....... an independently wealthy games inventor, who also happens to be a Minneapolis Police Detective.
In this book, we find Lucas investigating a string of particularly gruesome murders, notable for the fact that the eyes of every victim have been removed.
As is the case in every Sandford novel, the plot roars along at a cracking pace, with each character brilliantly drawn, and utterly believable.
If you have yet to read a 'Prey' book, my suggestion is to start at the beginning, with 'Rules of Prey', and read them all in order.
Enjoy - I know you will.
Very much enjoy his work on the whole, especially since being from the same state and adjacent cities it is easy to picture so many of the locations. Andvas a bonus, this is one of my favorites of the series. Intense, clever, Davenport wins again. John makes his protagonists easy to like and the villains, for the most part, not unlike my older brother. Painful to smell coming, makes my eyes water from sight and smell, and nefarious. Therefore I don't miss him so much.
The only thing I can say about any Prey novel is the same thing I say about anything John Sandford writes........it's awesome!!!!!
He is the best author that I have read in a long time and I read a lot of books.
I am never disappointed with his writing and I love Lucas. Wish he was real.
I had to go back in time for this reading. This was much more violent than many of the Prey books. I discovered how Lucas move away from the Minneapolis police department. This what happens when you miss reading a series from start to finish. Looking forward to catching up.
A relatively young Lucas Davenport begins to learn not to beat up the bad guys too much. His chief takes him under his wing and gives him a new assignment to try to keep him on the force. Lucas faces two villains this time who team up to kill six people. All victims have their eyes removed. Lucas also has to deal with depression related to his personal life. This case does not help that. His friends on the Force help him.

The plot is complex, made interesting by Sandford's view of the main villain high on a variety of drugs. Hospitals have people watching for internal drug abuse, a common problem. This does not slow down the main villain at all. That may be unrealistic. He is known as Dr Death. The primary mystery is whether Lucas and his friends can tie the villains to the crimes in court before they kill more people.

I rated this one 4 stars because I thought the author was not very fair with us. There was a key to the solution of the mystery that Lucas should have seen at least halfway though the book. This key was identified virtually on the last page. Otherwise, it is a good story, well-told as are most of Sandford's books. Without giving away anything significant, in the end Lucas spends his first day of retirement taking his TV journalist girlfriend, Jennifer, and their daughter, Sarah, to a Twins game.