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e-Book Elementary Statistics Instructor's Guide and Solutions Manual epub download

e-Book Elementary Statistics Instructor's Guide and Solutions Manual epub download

Author: Mario F. Triola
ISBN: 0201576856
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Publishing Co.; SIXTH EDITION edition (1995)
Size ePUB: 1154 kb
Size Fb2: 1709 kb
Size DJVU: 1250 kb
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 795
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e-Book Elementary Statistics Instructor's Guide and Solutions Manual epub download

by Mario F. Triola

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I thought this Solution Manual would be for the Statistics book that I owned. com, so everything worked out. This manual is very helpful in my studies. Наиболее популярные в Научная литература.

Book Condition: PLEASE READ: Book may have various condition issues such as excessive, loose binding, and torn cover.

Elementary Statistics. Final 161220 statmeth solutions. Elementary Statistics. 1Pages: 4year: 16/17.

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I'm taking Statistics/Probability again about fifty years after I took it the first time. My goal this time is not only to relearn what I have forgotten and learn new topics, but especially to learn how the calculator makes the topic easier to solve. The first time I took statistics, we had to use tables and paper and pencil to get our answers.

This is the first edition of Triola's book. He now has a second edition which is what is now required by the college where I'm taking the class. Since I knew that the MyStatLab software includes an electronic copy of the book, and since I knew the college would mostly cover that cost (financial aid), but would only cover perhaps half the larger cost of buying the new edition including that software, I decided to get the older first edition for a bargain price.

The only downside is that occasionally, the teacher refers to something in class by page number, but that is usually only a minor annoyance, since the relevant content is usually on the Powerpoint slide that is currently showing on the screen.

As promised, this book covers the techniques of using various statistical methods, and it gives clear examples of how to do the calculations with the TI-84 Plus calculator.

My only complaints so far:

1) The book's introduction should do a better job of recommending the newer 84+ Silver Edition and 84+ CE models because the newest models actually make Statistics easier to use (because the SE and CE give a "fill in the blank" screen for multi-parameter functions, and in at least one case, the older 84+ and 83+ models do not even include a function that is taught in the book. [The invT( area, df ) function is not available at all in the older calculators.]

2) This complaint is more about the MyStatLab ... it should have more of the harder problems covered in the "Study Plan". Unlike the Algebra and Calculus MyMathLab software, which contain many extra-credit work, MyStatLab only contains what most professors will assign as homework. I realize that most students only do what is assigned, but I'd pay more attention to the extra problems in the book if I could do the work and check my answers in MyStatLab.
This is the book the professors don't tell you about or at least at my CC they don't. My professor required a graphing calculator but we never graphed one thing. We only used the calculator to work through the long formulas. With this book, I was able to use the calculator and solve problems the way statistics was intended. It helped me tremendously! It took some of the pressure off on tests. It allowed me to check my work by doing things the long way and short way. Tragically, I didn't discover this book in the beginning of the semester. It was only when I knew I needed help that I sought out the internet for more and different ways to approach concepts. I ended up withdrawing from the class on the last possible day to do so because I'd done poorly before I discovered this book and it was too late to recover. I look forward to retaking a statistics class next semester with this book as a very useful guide.
Rich Vulture
Ok, so I can't say I "LOVED IT" but I did like the book and the program that came with it. I felt it was clear, the instructions were good and for my class helpful. We were able to complete the homework and continue working it until we received 100%, so no way you couldn't get a good grade on homework unless you were lazy. Also the home work problems with correct answers were printable which helped with quizzes. (Wish I would have figure that out earlier in the class not later). Also after the everyone in our class took the quiz they were also printable which helped with the tests. I would have to say that the practice tests were NOT the same as the tests our instructor posted for us but she did tell us the tests were based on our homework and quizzes, not the Pearson sample tests. Over all did much better in this course than I anticipated.
Someone left a review stating the MyStatLab code worked inside the book. I was thinking it might be a bulk code Amazon made a deal with Pearson. Amazon does disclaim the code might not work. Took a chance and lost, code scratched and used. Probably the person that wrote the review. Book is fine if that is all you need.
This book is an easy read. The chapters are easy to understand and it is laid out well. My math 146 class is using the 12th edition but my instructor would accept any edition by Triola so I bought this one and it is working out for me very well. Came with the multimedia disk, even as a used book they were unopened. They have useful information on them. Would recommend.
Very useful as a supplemental book when studying statistics. AS a tutor in statistics, I refer to it often to assist students with problems, and on the specifics of using their calculator to solve common problems. Hopefully they will remember how to use this and apply it in their jobs, and other courses.
A lifesaver. I bought the online version of this book to go along with my online stats class but decided I wanted a hard copy too. The day of the final exam we could use a textbook but the school's system didn't allow for the online textbook to show up. I don't know what my classmates did, but I sure was glad to have this book with me.
Great product, happy with purchase. My college class actually required a more recent edition, but the professor allowed this edition for students to save money :). Content is almost completely the same as the 2015 edition. As advertised, my book did not come with the on-line access so I can't comment on that, but the book's content is solid and should correspond well with any beginner's Statistics class. Satisfied with purchase.