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e-Book Pedigree unknown epub download

e-Book Pedigree unknown epub download

Author: Dorothy Lyons
ISBN: 0152601708
Pages: 172 pages
Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich; 1st edition (February 4, 1973)
Language: English
Size ePUB: 1338 kb
Size Fb2: 1710 kb
Size DJVU: 1963 kb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 790
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e-Book Pedigree unknown epub download

by Dorothy Lyons

Pedigree Unknown book. I will continue my quixotic quest to read, and with luck, collect, all the Dorothy Lyons books. If you see one at a tag sale, please pick it up for me! after you read it, of course.

Pedigree Unknown book.

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17 Nov 2019 - Explore jmkidby1963's board "Horse books long ago" on Pinterest. Pedigree Unknown - Dorothy Lyons. Horse Books Animal Books Books For Boys Childrens Books Reading Levels Great Books Horse Story Books For Beginning Readers Reluctant Readers.

Born in Michigan in 1907. Pursued a secretarial career and also worked for the Red Cross. She loved horses and wrote 12 pony novels set in various equestrian fields from racing to showing to polo. Also bred Connemara ponies and was president of the American Connemara Pony society. Many of her books were illustrated by the great Wesley Dennis, which makes them very collectable. SUMMARY: Story for older teenagers.

Explore genealogy for Dorothy (Lyons) Masterson born 1904 West Chester, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA died 1981 including ancestors + more in the freeĀ . Marriage Husband Harold Arthur Masterson. Wife Dorothy May Lyons.

Explore genealogy for Dorothy (Lyons) Masterson born 1904 West Chester, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA died 1981 including ancestors + more in the free family tree community. Note N5477Informant for Father's death certificate. dll?db 7884&h 24236598&indiv try.

While devoting her energy to rehabilitating a mistreated gelding in the aftermath of her broken engagement, Jill discovers that fancy pedigrees are not essential to the success of either people or horses.
Written in 1973 for older girls, Pedigree Unknown is both a romance and a horse story. It is set in foxhunting country populated by wealthy families with farms and thoroughbreds. Jill Howell, the daughter of a senatorial candidate, was engaged to marry Hadley Winslow, an aristocrat who placed great value on bloodlines in both horses and people. When Jill learned that the Howells were not her biological parents, Hadley lost interest in her and the wedding was called off. A girl named Marcia quickly stepped in to claim Hadley's affections, while Jill tried to make him jealous by riding in the hunts with Marcia's former boyfriend Elliot Andrews, who wanted to make Marcia jealous. Jill also developed a special friendship with a groom named Dirk Martin, who helped her rehabilitate an abused horse that she named Granite. Like Jill, Granite was looked down upon by some because his pedigree was unknown, but he developed into a fine hunter. The author makes the point that bloodlines are not an appropriate way to judge horses or people.

In this story we have not just a love triangle but a love pentagon, and unfortunately a lot of questions about the five young people are left unanswered. We know which of the three suitors Jill chose, but we don't learn what happened to the other two or to Marcia. In some cases we may not care, but I prefer to have all the loose ends tied up at the end of a book. I found other aspects of the ending even more unsatisfying. Jill's choice of whom to marry seemed to come very suddenly, and we have no evidence of any lengthy thought processes that led to her decision. She also made some bad choices, which I thought were out of character for her, regarding Granite's race near the end of the book. I liked the setting and the atmosphere of the foxhunts, but the author used specialized terminology without explaining the terms or putting them in a context which would be self-explanatory. I dare say that most readers of this book do not ride to hounds or understand foxhunting jargon, and they won't learn it here. For those who want to read about foxhunting, Rita Mae Brown has written some good stories, and for those who like teen romances with horses, Betty Cavanna has written some that are better than this one. You might want to try them instead.
Jill Howell is in the midst of planning her wedding [at 19] to a scion of the upper crust in hunting country.
Hadley continually tells Jill that blue blood will tell, in horse or person.
Most of the time the highlight of the day is when they ride to the hounds in fox hunting territory.
There are great descrptions of the jumping and riding and the characters that blend well in a story of moneyed blue-bloods with their horses.
Working for Hadley, training and exercising his hunters, is a young man from Texas, Dirk Martin.
Jill's father is running for public office and therein starts an excellent tale, with Jill finding out the he is not her father.
She feels the need to break off the wedding plans as she realizes that Hadley put too much stock in pedigree. Suddenly hers is unknown.
In her hurt she stumbles upon a gray broken-down nag and rescues the gelding.
Dirk takes an interest in the gray, she names Granite and shows up to help encourage Jill in helping the gelding to recover.
Which soon leads to more jumping and Jill getting back in the swing of social life with horses and a plan to win Hadley back.
Only the thought of losing Dirk finally wakes Jill up to the shallowness of her life. Yahoo! and away she goes!
Quite an Excellent story.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED with no reservations.