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e-Book Bliss: The Film epub download

e-Book Bliss: The Film epub download

Author: Ray Lawrence,Peter Carey
ISBN: 0571137296
Pages: 142 pages
Publisher: Faber & Faber (April 1, 1986)
Language: English
Category: Performing Arts
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Rating: 4.4
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e-Book Bliss: The Film epub download

by Ray Lawrence,Peter Carey

Director Ray Lawrence discusses the adaptation process to bring Peter Carey's novel BLISS to the big screen. Lawrence’s 1985 AFI Award-winning classic has been digitally restored by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) as part of its NFSA Restores initiative.

Director Ray Lawrence discusses the adaptation process to bring Peter Carey's novel BLISS to the big screen. The restoration premiered on 14 June 2016 at the Sydney Film Festival. Based on the 1981 novel by Peter Carey, Bliss premiered in competition at the 1985 Cannes Film Festival.

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Bliss is a 1985 Australian film directed by Ray Lawrence, co-adapted by Lawrence and Peter Carey, author of the original novel Bliss from which it is adapted. It starred Barry Otto who, at the time, was best known in Sydney for his theatre work, and Lynette Curran, a veteran star of Australian stage, TV and film and a former co-star of the popular ABC soap opera Bellbird. Notable among the supporting roles are an early film appearance by Gia Carides and an early cameo role by John Doyle.

Bliss, the Film book. Peter Carey, Ray Lawrence. Peter Carey was born in Australia in 1943. He was educated at the local state school until the age of eleven and then became a boarder at Geelong Grammar School

Bliss, the Film book. He was educated at the local state school until the age of eleven and then became a boarder at Geelong Grammar School. He was a student there between 1954 and 1960 - after Rupert Murdoch had graduated and before Prince Charles arrived.

Note that the film is based on a novel by Peter Carey It's a real shame this film isn't better known. Not always easy to watch, but always challenging, edgy, and definitely a mind-stretcher.

Note that the film is based on a novel by Peter Carey. 13 people found this helpful. Read the book, bought a videotape, always enjoyed it. Cut to now: long out of print in the US, never did have a digital release here. Saw this version of the movie, and decided to take a chance. Well, let's not kid ourselves, this is a terrible print. It's pan-and-scan, and it looks like it was ripped from VHS copy. Didn't play in my blu-ray player. It's a real shame this film isn't better known. You'll either love it or hate it.

Directed by Ray Lawrence. Director: Ray Lawrence. With Barry Otto, Lynette Curran, Helen Jones, Miles Buchanan. After a near-death experience, a man wonders if he actually did die and is now in Hell. Having never read the book written by Peter Carey, the big screen adaptation was was littered with some great acting performances, the main plus point being Barry Otto excelling as Harry Joy, the man who believes he has it all, until that day he happens to die.

The author of eight novels, Peter Carey was born in 1943 in Australia. In 2001 he became the second author to win the Booker Prize twice. First published in 1981. He lives in New York. True history of the kelly gang. by Faber and Faber Limited. 3 Queen Square London WClN 3AU. Reprinted 1989.

Ray Lawrence’s Bliss is an idiosyncratic black comedy about an ad executive who dies for four minutes and in that . Bliss is a film that falls between the cracks of reality and drifts into a delightful dream.

Ray Lawrence’s Bliss is an idiosyncratic black comedy about an ad executive who dies for four minutes and in that time experiences both heaven and hell. The film takes off with the story-telling, advertisement executive Harry Joy (Barry Otto) dropping dead for several minutes, before being revived, which sets up the rest of the tale, about how his life, family, and sanity begin to unravel as he begins to reevaluate his life choices. Barry Otto captivates the characters in the film as well as the viewer as he spins a dark, sweet, and satirical journey to life fulfillment.

Bliss was Peter Carey's astonishing first novel, originally published in 1981 - a fast-moving extravaganza, both funny and gripping, about a man who, recovering. Bliss - the Screenplay. by Ray Lawrence and Peter Carey. Select Format: Paperback.

Ray Lawrence's Bliss certainly caused a stir at its release, but did . Bliss certainly made an impact on the Australian and international film community when it landed.

For first-time director, Ray Lawrence - who had met Peter Carey in the world of advertising –perhaps those doubts never entered into calculations, and surprisingly, it’s this big risk that makes Bliss notable in the history of Australian film. Bliss follows the story of advertising executive and raconteur, Harry Joy, who dies of a heart attack one afternoon during a family lunch.

After Harry Joy nearly dies from a heart attack, he finds that his daily life has become unbearable
Very Old Chap
In "Bliss" we get a character study of a man named Harry Joy, who we join mid-cardiac arrest. He subsequently recovers, but thinks he has died and gone to hell. It's a great premise, and the book's opening is brilliantly entertaining. Unfortunately, for me at least, the balance of the book never quite lives up to the promise glimpsed in the opening pages. Harry is an occasionally adulterous ad man married to an occasionally unfaithful wife who herself yearns to be in advertising, and who utlimately contrives to join him in the business. By the time she does she is ensconced in a relationship with Harry's other business partner, Joel, who lives with her (and Harry, and their kids) in the Joy household, while Harry himself has fallen in love with a drug-running bush woman named Honey Barbara, who also moves into the household. While the book's focus is predominantly on Harry, it concerns itself with the conflicting relationships of these four people, with some secondary story lines revolving around the Joy children. Midway through the book I thought the story line became almost oppressingly obtuse, and hardly deserving of its billing as a dark comedy. In fact, I found it to be barely comic at all. Some of Carey's other work ("The Fat Man In History" and "Illywhacker" in particular) is much funnier and more substantial. If you're a big Peter Carey fan, you'll want to read this to round out your exposure to his body of work. If not, I'd skip "Bliss" and read some of his later books, such as "Illywhacker" and "Oscar and Lucinda."
I read this book as part of a class assignment in high school some 25+ years ago. It remains one of my all-time favorite books, with Carey's unique combination of wit, irony, heart, and humor. This is a spectacular, compelling, thought-provoking read and includes one of the greatest "love letters" of all time. I cannot fathom why it's not higher up in the canon of great modern literature.
Peter Carey does not write bad reads, all his work is phenomenal
Not going to be a fan
This is a beautifully written novel . You will fall in love with Honey Barbara and Harry Joy, and won't be able to,stop reading
crazy mashine
An oldie but a goodie. A great read. Deserves to be read in summer holidays, in a shaded garden with a glass of good sav blanc.
Book arrived in a decent amount of time and is is a big worn, but expected for a well loved book. Thanks.
got this in a reasonable amount of time and the book is in good condition... some writing but all in pencil and that didn't bother me at all... THANKS!!