» » Walking on the Edge: How I Infiltrated Earth First!
e-Book Walking on the Edge: How I Infiltrated Earth First! epub download

e-Book Walking on the Edge: How I Infiltrated Earth First! epub download

Author: Dana R. Pomeroy,William Pickell,Barry Clausen
ISBN: 0936783125
Pages: 306 pages
Publisher: Merril Pr; 1st edition (June 1, 1994)
Language: English
Category: Social Sciences
Size ePUB: 1435 kb
Size Fb2: 1702 kb
Size DJVU: 1862 kb
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 770
Format: rtf lrf docx lit
Subcategory: Politics

e-Book Walking on the Edge: How I Infiltrated Earth First! epub download

by Dana R. Pomeroy,William Pickell,Barry Clausen

Walking on the Edge book. Barry Clausen, Dana R. Pomeroy.

Walking on the Edge book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Walking on the Edge: How Infiltrated Earth First! by.

ISBN13: 9780936783123. Walking on the Edge : How Infiltrated Earth First! by Barry Clausen and Dana R.

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Walking on the Edge: How I Infiltrated Earth First! by Barry Clausen with Dana Rae Pomeroy

Walking on the Edge: How I Infiltrated Earth First! by Barry Clausen with Dana Rae Pomeroy. Advanced Sector Debt Default Could Happen. Expanding upon the picture presented in our groundbreaking Oct. 28 issue on The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor, we present here case studies from the Americas, of how the British Crown makes use of indigenist movements.

how I infiltrated Earth First! 1st ed. by Barry Clausen.

3 Books critical of Earth First. Walking on the Edge: How I Infiltrated Earth First! (1994) (ISBN 978-36783-12-3). Earth First! member Mark Davis plead guilty in Federal court to malicious destruction of property at the Fairfield Snowbowl Ski Resort near Flagstaff, Arizona. Davis had been charged with, "using a torch to cut around the base of the top pylon of the main chair lift at Snowbowl on Oct. 25, 1988.

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Since 1990, when he briefly infiltrated Earth First! chapters in Montana and . Before I meet him, I track down a copy of Walking on the Edge, Clausen's self-published 1994 memoir.

But obsession has its weird ego perks. While some observers might argue that Earth First! was already on the wane as a force to be reckoned with by the time Clausen made the group his bête noire, he continues to portray it as a Sinn Fein–like front for such violent groups as ALF and ELF, which use "direct action" (read: arson, destruction of property) to get their point across.

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Book by Clausen, Barry, Pomeroy, Dana R.
This is really an autobiography written in the third person - the first 80 pages have nothing to do with Earth First! but describe the author's partly successful career as an informant in Montana gathering evidence against marijuana users. The middle part of the book discusses the author's year-long paid infiltration of Earth First! on behalf of the Washington Contract Loggers Association (who are also the publishers of the book) in the early 1990's and his failed attempts to interest law enforcement in his inside information. The end of the book discusses things he learned about EF! and the environmental movement by reading newspapers and magazines after he stopped participating actively, and goes into considerable detail about a legal dispute in Montana entirely unrelated to EF!. (but, curiously enough, perhaps tangentially related to Leonard Peltier and the Pine Ridge trials)
The book provides interesting insight into someone who's operating on the margin between different political/social groups - first drug users and cops, then loggers and environmentalists - but it's short on information about the radical environmental movement.
Barry Clausen "infiltrated" our community which was founded by members of EF!, some of the results of which are published in this book. Unfortunately, it appears as though events he witnessed or took part in weren't exciting enough for him...so he altered, annotated, changed the context...and sometimes simply made things up. Aside from my personal opinions regarding the motives of Mr. Clausen, I have this idea about the importance of accurate quotes and observations. Too bad the shameless self promotion and sensationalism got the best of him, otherwise this might have been a decent book... If you hate the planet and love propaganda funded by logging companies that is.
This book is not an account of a sane person infiltrating EF! for a good cause. It is about an old man, grasping at straws trying to make himself look like a fighter against eco-terrorism. This man is an evil person, ruining people's lives for the sake of creating drama to report on. The profits from these so called informative books should be sent to the children he has hurt in the process of trying to gt a story, at a point in time where there was none. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone, let alone someone who actually cared about the infiltration of EF!.
Unfortunately this book is not really about EF! I was looking forward to learning about the operations and organization of EF! but instead was confronted by the authors own autobiography, largley about his work as a private detective. I wish the book had dealt only with EF! and extremists environmentalists instead of the author himself. I feel like the author missed an opportunity to provide an interesting account of his dealings with EF! Aside from obvious content flaws, the book was also written poorly making it a confusing and monotonous read. At the same time, I am glad I read this book because it seems to be the only one of its kind.