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e-Book Star Trek epub download

e-Book Star Trek epub download

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e-Book Star Trek epub download

Novels based on Star Trek, The Next Generation, Voyager, and Discovery, are in print. As recently as 2017, novels based on Deep Space Nine and Enterprise were published

In 1966, Bantam Books acquired the license to publish tie-in fiction based science fiction television series Star Trek. Bantam published a series of novelizations based on episodes of the television series from 1967 to 1978.

In 1966, Bantam Books acquired the license to publish tie-in fiction based science fiction television series Star Trek. From 1970 to 1981, a range of original novels, anthologies, and reference books followed. Bantam also produced a line of photo comics which adapted popular episodes of the television series using full-color photographic stills.

Star Trek is an American media franchise based on the science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry.

Real World article(written from a Production point of view). For in-universe novels, please see Book. Through a licensing process similar to those granted to create collectibles, comics, and games, Paramount Pictures has granted the rights to market Star Trek stories and books of various sorts through a number of different publishers, beginning in 1967 with a series based on Star Trek: The Original Series. The Star Trek Book – subtitled Strange New Worlds Boldly Explained – is a reference book, written by Paul Ruditis, Sandy Stone, and Simon Hugo, produced by Dorling Kindersley (DK) as part of their "Big Ideas Simply Explained" series, and published in June 2016. Celebrate 50 years of one of the longest running and beloved sci-fi franchises with The Star Trek Book

В этом списке представлены все новеллы, новеллизации, сборники по мотивам Звёздного пути, опубликованные начиная с 1967 года

В этом списке представлены все новеллы, новеллизации, сборники по мотивам Звёздного пути, опубликованные начиная с 1967 года. С тех пор в США выпуском книг по мотивам Звёздного пути занимались три издательства: Bantam Books, Ballantine Books, и с 1981 Pocket Books.

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Star Trek was an inspiration to many fields. This book won't lead to any nominations for sainthood for Shatner, but it helps bring understanding

Star Trek was an inspiration to many fields. Science has perhaps benefited most of all. Although the show's stage was apparently a place of stress and emotional wounding, skilled actor's and creative innovators came together to create a force for acceptance of 'infinite diversity in infinite combinations'. The show itself was a giant leap forward in what it was possible to show on network TV, breaking down barriers and opening possibilities. This book won't lead to any nominations for sainthood for Shatner, but it helps bring understanding. Shatner's Star Trek Memories reveals a portion of how and why Star Trek came to be - or at least, one man and his ghostwriter's version of that time.

Star Trek collecting news: books, comics, games, toys, and more. The latest covers and blurbs, plus full schedules of forthcoming publications. The Fall?", here are the answers. If you're a bit lost navigating the sometimes complex web of interconnectivity between the various Star Trek novels in the modern continuity, this is the resource you need.

Working as a reporter at a local paper in Chicago, Sophie Rose takes on a human interest story. William Harrington is about to run his 25th race and couldn't be more proud or confident. Sophie meets with him for an interview and listens with half an ear as he drones on and on for hours about his wonderful self. But when he disappears, Sophie wishes she would have paid more attention.

Sophie's father, Bobby Rose, is a man seen by the law as a criminal and by the people as a hero. Sophie has spent her life being hounded by the FBI, CIA and various police departments and has received both threats and praise from citizens. As a result she has learned to dislike law enforcement, with a few exceptions in the FBI. Things start getting dangerous around Sophie and to find the answers she finds herself having to rely on FBI, specifically the sexy Agent, Jack MacAlister. The charismatic agent is the last thing she wants, the daughter of notorious Bobby Rose does not need to fall for an FBI man.

Julie Garwood is one of my favorite writers. Whether she is writing a historical romance, or a contemporary romantic suspense novel, like this one, she has the ability to pull you completely into the story within a few short pages. The romantic tale and mystery was gripping from the get go and I fought with myself to maintain a slow and steady pace, so I wouldn't meet the finish too quickly.

The book touches on characters from the previous book Mercy List, and continues the Buchanan-Renard series. Her characters are always three dimensional and intriguing. She creates terrifying villains in that they could be anyone, people you run into daily. She writes about heroes that make your heart-throb and Jack was the epitome of the man that makes your heart pitter patter. Her heroines always have the right amount of vulnerability and strength. While you admire Sophie for her brains and cool demeanor in the face of danger, her character also begs to be hugged. This story and characters make is easy to get sucked in and eager to read the next story in the series.

Cherise Everhard, January 2009
This is the kind of romance that makes people say 'I could write that.' If they actually try, they find is isn't quite as easy as it looks. Garwood's gift for dialogue and tight (if ridiculous) plotting isn't easy to reproduce.

Jamie Jamison, youngest daughter of Baron Jamison, is sold as bride to Alec Kincaid for reasons. Her sister is sold to Alec's sidekick Daniel Ferguson at the same time, but you needn't bother much about her. The author certainly doesn't. She make an appearance now and then, but mostly she's just set dressing. Oh, yes, Jamie was previously sold to an English nobleman. Remember that because it comes into the plot later. Jamie doesn't have to worry about it because she knows nothing about it.

Anyhow, Jamie hates Alec in spite of being hugely attracted to him. He comes to her home and although her father (for whom she waits on hand and foot) tries to keep her hidden because he had already sold her to someone else. Alas, Alec sees her and picks her for his bride. The get married that afternoon and start off for Scotland. She is put off by the stories about him that he killed first wife by throwing her off a cliff. Or maybe he beat her to death. Whatever, he did something bad to his first wife.

After several adventures, Jamie endears herself to one and all by her healing ability. Everyone loves her in spite of her Englishness except the person who is trying to kill her. First a fire breaks out in a hut she is trapped in by a barred door and things go downhill from there. On the other hand, things are going well with Alec. There is a lot of misunderstanding between them because of culture differences, but they manage to overcome them.

This being a romance, love conquers all. Jamie endears herself to one and all by the end when the English nobleman (remember him?) comes to collect her, all the Scots throw their jewels at his feet to make up for the money he paid for her.

This all sound unbelievable, and it is. Yet, there is something pleasant about losing oneself in the competent hands of an able writer. She manages to weave all the threads of plot and subplots into a tight chain of story. Sit down, put up your feet and loose yourself in the fantasy that is The Bride.
Julie Garwood is one of my must have authors and I really enjoyed this one. It is not one of her great reads but rather a very nice read. She can take so much unrelated information and bring it to a cohesive and interesting conclusion. I liked both characters, as always both are beautiful and honorable. The chemistry is nice and the story is a sequel to MURDER LIST.

Sophie is one of the three best friends from that novel. Her father is a lawyer with the ability to sniff out the money hidden by unscrupulous people and disappear it. The FBI finds him a man of interest. She is a writer for a minor newspaper in Chicago and gets the less than sterling assignments. The biggie in her life at the moment is that the pension fund for a brewery has been cyberscamed and the president of the company is pointing a finger at her father.

Jack MacAlister is the partner of Alex Buchanan who married Regan in MURDER LIST. He likes what he sees of Sophie but knowing who her father is puts a crimp in his desire to get close to the beautiful reporter. Later when her assignment begins to worry her friends Jack is tricked into agreeing to go with her to Alaska.

I found some of the details abit far fetched, but overall a good read with enough heat to make up for the lack. It was worth the money to me but you have to be the judge on whether you will pay full price or wait for the paperback.