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e-Book Ronning Guide to Modern Stage Hypnosis epub download

e-Book Ronning Guide to Modern Stage Hypnosis epub download

Author: Wendy Ronning,David Botsford,Chris Frolic,Blaze Driscoll,Richard Cole,Terry Davolt,Chris Morrison,Michael Thomas,Clarke Tuitele,Geoffrey Ronning
ISBN: 0971292981
Pages: 386 pages
Publisher: Westward Publishing; 1st edition (January 10, 2008)
Language: English
Category: Hypnosis
Size ePUB: 1821 kb
Size Fb2: 1323 kb
Size DJVU: 1265 kb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 577
Format: rtf lrf mobi lit
Subcategory: Self-Help

e-Book Ronning Guide to Modern Stage Hypnosis epub download

by Wendy Ronning,David Botsford,Chris Frolic,Blaze Driscoll,Richard Cole,Terry Davolt,Chris Morrison,Michael Thomas,Clarke Tuitele,Geoffrey Ronning

I have taken several Ronning training courses, have purchased many of his stage hypnosis products. There was no question I wouldn't consider not having this book

I have taken several Ronning training courses, have purchased many of his stage hypnosis products. There was no question I wouldn't consider not having this book. This book covers in detail what it takes to make a successful career in an extremely rewarding field.

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Ronning Guide to Modern Stage Hypnosis by Geoffrey Ronning

Ronning Guide to Modern Stage Hypnosis by Geoffrey Ronning. A great guide to performing hypnosis on stage to a group of people. Geoff gives you his group inductions, deepeners and skits.

Ronning Guide to Modern Stage Hypnosis (9780971292987) Geoffrey Ronning, Wendy Ronning, David Botsford, Chris Frolic, Blaze Driscoll, Richard Cole, Terry Davolt, Chris Morrison, Michael Thomas.

Geoffrey Ronnings extremely successful dual career-on stageas a performer and off stage as a mentor coach and teacher to othersuccessful stage hypnotists - qualifies him in spades. and knowing exactly how you can do it.

Chris Frolic, Geoff Ronning. This is for anyone that desires a more successful part-time or full-time stage hypnosis business. This is not a how-to-hypnotize book. If you are brand new see Ronning Guide to Modern Stage Hypnosis

Chris Frolic, Geoff Ronning. If you are brand new see Ronning Guide to Modern Stage Hypnosis. This is a book for people that already have a show and want to improve it and their business. This book is a selection of content from the exclusive members only internet site StageHypnosisCenter. You also receive some brand new content that has never been released. Read this book and get more bookings, better clients and increased profits.

Improve Your Performance, Boost Your Bookings & Income

You hold in your hands a key to your success. One that unlocks your stage hypnosis potential and propels you into being better at what you do. The Ronning Guide To Modern Stage Hypnosis delivers practical insights into both the on-stage and business aspects of your career. In addition, it clearly outlines a formula for success you can adapt to your own individual style. Geoffrey Ronning's personal experiences make it fascinating and his enthusiasm and confidence are absolutely contagious.

Ronning breaks down each phase of the stage hypnosis performance into identifiable components and shows you how to hypnotize and work successfully in any situation. He tells how to rescue a dying performance and gain control over a disinterested or drunk audience.

He provides specific tools to apply and workbook exercises that turn this information into a living experience. Doing the exercises actually builds a firm foundation you can stand on when you are on stage.

In these pages you will discover:

* The top 5 reasons hypnotists fail to achieve success * 12 Rules for Routines and 3 Types of Routines to Always Avoid * 10 Do's for Stage Hypnosis Success * The 3 Never Do Rules for a Hypnosis Show * The Seven Rules of a Successful Pre-talk * How to Kick-start a Show * Power Tools, Strategies and Techniques for Effective Trance * The Popular EKG Induction

You will also gain similarly practical guidance for getting work and otherwise increasing your income, including:

* A sure-fire approach to getting bookings as many as you want in a matter of weeks * Practices to maximize return bookings * Ways to turn every performance into a high-profit center

In addition, you will learn how to deal with the real life challenges of stage hypnosis including:

* What to do when no one volunteers for your show * What to do when no one gets hypnotized * How to deal with accidents * How to successfully overcome challenging show settings * How deal with drunks and druggies and more...

If you are going to learn about something, learn from someone who walks the talk. Geoffrey Ronning's extremely successful dual career on stage as a performer and off stage as a mentor, coach and teacher to other successful stage hypnotists qualifies him in spades. Whether you re an aspiring beginner or a seasoned professional, you will put down this book believing that you can be a more successful stage hypnotist... and knowing exactly how you can do it.

Has some great information in it BUT throughout it is plugging GR's own training courses and there are a lot of links to a website owned buy the author that are out of date. When you do navigate your way round the website there isn't much included for free, you need to subscribe.

However it does cover the very basics and gives some good stage technique tips. It still lacks something. If you are toying between this and the New Encyclopaedia Of Stage Hypnosis by Ormond McGill - then I'd go for Ormonds book BUT the two together cover almost everything you need. So this review isn't a diss on GR's book but it did raise a question in it when the author mentions that the reader should write a book on Hypnosis to have available at his or show for sale, suggesting that this will raise your credibility - perhaps this is true of this publication??
I'll explain the bizarre nature of the title of this review in just a moment, but first, the book.

As far as books about Stage Hypnosis go, this has to be, without a doubt, one of the best and comprehensive ones I've come across. But it's important you understand exactly what this book is about; it may not be what you're looking for.

If you're simply searching for Hypnosis, there's a strong possibility that what you're really after are Induction scripts. And, if you've already got that under your belt, you're most likely looking for clever ideas once people are under. Yes, you'll find them both, tersely spread across about 15 pages in an otherwise thick book. But then again that's not really what this book is about.

This book is an excellent resource about performance: how to market yourself, how to handle a booking, how to build rapport with the audience, how to arrange your stage, how to select a sound system, how to deal with disruptive people, what to do if something goes wrong, and most importantly not to use a precanned script or static show. The author, correctly, emphasizes that learning hypnosis is the easy part, but to be entertaining requires you understand the bigger picture of what you're doing so well that you don't do rote memorization. That's what this book is all about, and it's filled with fantastic information about _that_ subject.

The only distraction I found was that the author comes across as loving the sound of his own name, and interjects it -everywhere-. And his wife's, Wendy. And the pages are punctuated with low resolution, bad quality photographs of the two of them on location. Perhaps this is the point, get your name out there, but if I had any complaint, it would be that I didn't have a nickel for every time the words Geoffery Ronning appeared on the page. Hence the title of this review.
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Okay, I'll tell you exactly what's in this book.
Geoffrey Ronning is a great hypnotist, that's why I decided to purchase his book... little did I know that 50% of this book didn't have anything to do with hypnosis...

CONS: I have the book with me right now: there are 385 pages and page 247 to 385 (138 pages!) talk about random guys that had Mr.Ronning as a teacher and that are now successful. ''Ohh look at me, I now make over 34 billion $ a minute thanks to Ronning! He's DA BEST BLABALBALA!! (I'm exaggerating, but you understand my point)''. I didn't buy this book to learn about other peoples success with hypnosis.. certainly not 138 pages of it! I bought this book to enhance my knowledge about hypnosis and maybe even learn how to perform it. Also, almost every few pages, Ronning will mention money: ''By using this method, you'll be able to have more bookings and make more profit!''.
There's only 1 pretalk script (it doesn't matter for the pre-talk, I'll tell you why after) and 1 induction script. The induction is the one he made up (and apparently with other people.. whatever): EKG rapid induction. Though it's just stupid that he would only teach us 1 method.. He doesn't even talk about instant or progressive because they're either ''boring'' (progressive) or ''too dangerous'' (instant).. which is not entirely true. He talks about how to set up a stage and where to put the microphone and the chairs ... which is ... not what I was looking for..

PROS: This book teaches you everything from the start. It's only good for people who are starting off. The pre-talk is very well explained. There's one pre-talk script (sadly, it was written for a large audience.. and like we're starting off.. we'd most likely start on a smaller group like our friends...), BUT he explains thoroughly how to CREATE your own pre-talk. I must say that I was able to make my own. So that's not a problem.
He also give you a good list of things you can put people under (skits) hypnosis. This book is only good to learn the basics of hypnosis but nothing more.

Basically this book is great for people like me who started looking at Youtube videos on hypnosis and thought it was cool and wanted to learn more. Keep in mind that if you have the slightest knowledge about hypnosis, this book is not for you, you really have to be a pure beginner. If you which to learn how to perform hypnosis, you're better off buying hypnosis DVDs or attend a course in your area.
Very interesting for those who are already experienced with hypnosis. Well written.
This is a great book. This book tells you everything you need to know about stage hypnosis. This is great. If you are interested in stage hypnosis this book is a must buy.
A great for the novice and even an experienced Hypnotist will learn a couple of new tricks.
Different of others books of hypnosis. This book really explaine in details. A "how to do book".